Nyingchi Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition: the first prize will be bonus + subsidy fund of 80,000 yuan

2022-07-18 0 By

Recently, by the Lin zhi city human resources and social security bureau hosted the fifth “Chinese” wing “the regional finals of nyingchi entrepreneurial innovation and business innovation competition finals held nyingchi city in 2022, the competition in the new times, the ring round China dream together” as the theme, since its launch in January, received wide attention from all sectors of society,A total of 43 entrepreneurial projects from inside and outside the region were attracted to participate in the competition. After the preliminary evaluation by the competition evaluation committee, 21 projects entered the entrepreneurial training camp and participated in the semi-finals, and 10 projects were selected as finalists.The projects involved a number of industries, including intangible cultural heritage, catering and tourism, modern agriculture, education and training, and e-commerce.According to the relevant person in charge of Nyingchi Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the final will be conducted by the way of “contestants’ VCR presentation + project PPT presentation + judges’ questions and comments + investors’ intention to raise cards”.The total score of the competition is set at 100 points. The contestants will make a 10-minute VCR presentation and project exposition according to the order of drawing lots, and then the expert judges will ask questions to the contestants, and the contestants will give answers for 5 minutes.The competition invited 7 experts from the top of the industry, universities and institutions, investment and financing institutions and other fields and 3 venture investors to form the final jury.After fierce competition among the 10 participating projects, Rangqiong Natural Education project won the first prize of the competition and won the bonus and subsidy of RMB 80,000 yuan for entrepreneurship projects.Shanhe “Zhi” cultural theme b&B project and Wadi Bio-organic Fertilizer project won the second prize of the competition, and respectively won the bonus + start-up project subsidy of 60,000 YUAN;Lotus Manor Rural tourism digital SAAS cloud platform project, wild cliff honey sales, imitation wild Chinese bee breeding and sales project, Gongbuada Heritage Wood products project won the third prize of the competition, and won bonus + start-up project subsidy of 40,000 YUAN respectively;In addition, the “Internet plus” smart tea Garden project, strawberry planting and processing and light luxury camping project, “Tongmeng” Social Work Service Community-Rural Social work service project, and the education and training project on the effective link between consolidating poverty alleviation achievements and rural revitalization won the outstanding project award of the competition, and won the bonus of 10,000 YUAN respectively.Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Bayi District, Gongbujiangda County and Motuo County won the excellent Organization award of the competition.In the proposed investment part of the competition, all the 10 finalists were favored by the on-site investors. After the competition, we will further discuss the proposed investment.The controller introduces, the next step, nyingchi city human resources and social security bureau will continue to be good publicity, cultivate, develop good competition results, around the nyingchi city double the work of the overall deployment, make overall policy support cohesion, entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship services, combined with the country revitalization, home business, such as the key work, continue to improve the supporting policies, innovation service mode,Fully mobilize the strength of all sectors of society, provide more high-quality fertile ground for entrepreneurs, and contribute to the construction of Nyingchi as a pilot zone of Reform and opening-up in Tibet.Source: China Xizang News Network