Qinghai child winks at grandmother after losing more than 10,000 yuan

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Thank you very much, if it weren’t for your help, I really don’t know whether the loss can be redeemed, or the people’s police in crisis!”On February 17, 2022, Ms. Huan, who lives in a community in Weiyuan Town, Huzhu County, came to the Weiyuan Town police station of The Public Security Bureau of Huzhu County to express her gratitude to the police with a banner that read: “People’s police for the people, lend a helping hand at critical times”.On February 15th morning, who lives in huzhu county town of hubei vying, ms huan led the grandson of a district xiao Ming (a pseudonym) to hubei vying town police station report to the police for help, according to a recent xiao Ming with ms huan’s mobile phone, watch the live game of a network platform, frequent and gifts to the master broadcast, will ms huan ten thousand multivariate money be brushed away, inside bank card request police station to help recover the loss.The police know, xiao Ming this year 13 years old, like playing mobile games at ordinary times, out of curiosity, when watching the game live anchor, frequently called anchor, when you meet the payment link xiaoming will phone camera at grandma’s face, pretends to photograph to grandma, and asked grandma blinks, in fact, in the process, xiao Ming finished brush face to pay,Xiao Ming paid the 10,000 yuan in grandma’s bank card in this way.After understanding the situation, the police immediately tried to get in touch with a network platform customer service, and explain the details, according to the requirements to customer service submitted the victim information, reward data and other information.After the police communicated with the customer service of the platform for many times and helped Ms. Huan fill in the refund application, an online platform returned 10,118 yuan of money that had been erased on February 16. In order to express gratitude to the police, Ms. Huan took Xiao Ming to the police station, and the scene at the beginning of the article appeared.There are endless incidents of minors tipping network anchors, and teenagers spend a lot of time on online classes and mobile phones. Parents should earnestly fulfill the responsibility of guardianship, help their children establish correct and rational consumption concepts, and guide their children to use the Internet in a healthy way.In addition, parents should properly keep the account number and password of bank card, Alipay, wechat and other commonly used financial tools, and do not set the payment password to common characters that minors are familiar with!Source: Mutual aid public security supervisor: Gao Zhaohua Editor: Liu Xinghai Editor: Feng Lichen, Zhu Weilin