“Qiu Gangneung: Starting from Dachang.” Drunken Flirting 09: Talk about boring is my song

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Qiu Jiangling’s spicy writing style has become familiar to the literary friends of “Yufu Literary Garden”.This essay on popular songs, laughing, scolding, happy revenge, lu Xun, Li Ao, Bo Yang’s style.I first learned to sing with my brother’s two or three books of New Battlefield Songs.The songs of that time were: the people’s salvation, the great movement, the heroes in battle, the motherland’s blue sky, the vast ocean;One is anger song, class hatred, national hatred, the Wolf of ambition to defeat the American emperor…I don’t talk about everyday things, people around me, personal feelings.At that time, the songs were either full of blood or tears, without singing or whispering.Singing is a political weapon and an indoctrination tool.Thanks to the reform and opening up, some “decadent music” (the early definition of pop songs) was introduced.I realized that songs can also tell the stories of ordinary people and their love and hatred.A section of lyrics, can lead you to the magic;A melody that can make you feel beautiful.Only then did I realize that singing is the instinct of people, and singing is also the business of ordinary people.I’ll sing if I want. I’ll sing whatever I want.In the early days of the liberation of the decadent music, what struck me most was wang Luobin’s ditty: “I would like to be a lamb beside her;I wish he would take a thin whip and gently hit me.”I was shaken by the impact. That “I” was me. I was willing to be beaten and tortured by her.Later, the songs became more and more human: about people who are good and people who are not so bad;More and more, songs are about people: people who speak of good things and not bad things.Later, the song said that there is chat, also said boring (it is said that some brothers also have the right to be boring);Call it fun and call it boring.Some talk boring, interesting and boring, are the real life of small people.This long trip, the bus bumpy, boring, DVD constantly playing pop songs, a few songs, make this incomplete trip interesting: – “Mouse love Rice” I heard before, nothing special at that time, today watching the subtitles listen to this song, I feel wonderful to the peak.The song is honestly written.Strip away all its glamour and mystery and what is love?Isn’t it “mice love rice”?Or, “mice love rice” are still some dodge, direct point: love is “mice eat rice”!– Another song about women (title forgotten) : “Woman is water, man is cup.” I couldn’t agree more.If a woman does not have a man’s package, she will not stay, can not help, stand unsteady, man is a woman’s shape;A man without a woman is a body, without color, moisture and soul.And then some little girls sang, “What life gives you, you gotta enjoy it?”There are two inspirations: one is fate, destiny is predetermined, it will not give you everything;The other is enjoyment, which is an attitude towards life. Even if what you are given is bitter or tired, you will accept it with enjoyment.– and a group of little girls singing, “Adapt or change.”Well done!Adaptation is easy. Change comes at a cost.Adaptation creates mediocrity, change creates hope.”You have her perfume on you, it is my nose that has sinned, should not smell her beauty, wipe everything to sleep with you.What’s wrong with this woman?Blame yourself for your nose’s correct judgment?This woman, are you a wind (crazy) son or a sand (silly) son?– “Woman flower”, more explicit, “Woman flower, swaying in the world of mortals, woman flower, swaying gently with the wind…Flowers are not long, ah can fold straight must fold!”This woman, it is seduce clearly (the woman swings waist buttock is strong seduce signal)!Flowers are in bud, lovers, come to fold ah come to take ah come to comfort ah…I pooh, so disgusting, incredibly sing out!I strongly suspect that the lyricists of “Incense” and “Female” are male, and they are abetting women!Look, how kind I am, always reluctant to think women too bad.But, those flowers, somebody else wrote you can not sing ah?!Are you a bitch?!Written on November 12, 2012 qiu Jiangling, “60 male”.Researcher of Culture and Tourism Commission of Wanzhou District, Chongqing.Member of Chongqing Writers association.He used to be a middle school teacher and teaching and research member. Many achievements have been awarded by municipal (provincial) government and education Commission. He has published more than 20 teaching papers in national and provincial journals.For many years, he served as a representative of the municipal and district people’s Congress and a member of the Standing Committee of the District CPPCC.Willing to road, longer than with notes of interest, literature and history in university journals published many local history papers, the “three gorges dance” and so on many cultural creative projects be born in the city park plaza, prose anthology “from big prosperous”, in the chongqing morning post dragon frame newspaper “the three gorges literature” “wushan literature” “two rivers and beautiful” and so on newspaper (net) published prose, essays, published dozen,Song “Huang Ge Ballad” (lyrics) broadcast on CCTV “Avenue of Stars”.