Shunzhi lived only 24 years but left 14 children. How did he manage to be so fertile?

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Shunzhi lived only 24 years but left 14 children. How did he manage to be so fertile?Fulin is the last feudal dynasty in the history of our country, the third emperor of the qing dynasty and also into pass after the first emperor of qing dynasty, its position is very special, so to speak, because at that time, or the early qing dynasty, dynasties has just set up soon, and just immigration, is the society is not completely stable, the regime has not yet fully consolidate period.When shunzhi emperor ascended the throne, he was only six years old. What does a six-year-old child know about politics and governing the country?So after he ascended the throne for a long time, the power of the Qing dynasty was in the hands of his uncle Duergun.That would be fine, as long as the regime was consolidated and returned to him when Shunzhi was old enough to run the court.But the Shunzhi emperor was a miserable one, because he only lived 24 years before he died. To be precise, because the ancients liked to count the false years, the Shunzhi Emperor actually died at 23 years old, which can be said to be quite short.You know, in ancient China, a short-lived emperor is not terrible, but terrible is that he died before giving birth to an heir, which will leave hidden dangers for the regime replacement and easily lead to national unrest.But Emperor Shunzhi did not have this worry, because in his short life, a total of 14 children, since he ascended the throne at the age of 14, almost a rate of one a year.That’s pretty productive for anyone.Moreover among these children, kangxi was born such an outstanding emperor.So what was it about shunzhi that enabled him to produce so many children in his short life?And these children, were they really his own?Shunzhi only lived to be 24. Why did he have 14 children?How many children are his own?In ancient times, the imperial family attached great importance to the cultivation of the emperor’s successor, so when the Emperor Shunzhi had just grown up and was only fourteen years old, the palace arranged for him to have a wife, that is, a cousin of the Emperor Shunzhi.At that time, shunzhi Emperor was still ignorant, everything was arranged according to the adults, and soon gave birth to a child, that is, shunzhi Emperor’s eldest son.Since then, more and more concubines of shunzhi Emperor, Shunzhi Emperor also gradually grew up, began to desire to belong to their own love, he felt with the existence of these concubines, just to complete the task of inheriting the family line, he did not have any feelings to these concubines.This was true even of the first empress of the Shunzhi Emperor, who later deposed her.When the Emperor shunzhi was crying to get rid of the empress, a woman named Princess Dong E entered the palace and began to occupy shunzhi’s vision, as well as the heart of the young emperor.Yes, at the beginning, Emperor Shunzhi also thought That Concubine Dong E was no different from other concubines. But gradually, he found that he could only be happy when he was with Her, which was very valuable for Emperor Shunzhi, who had been manipulated since childhood and had no real power.In addition, Princess Dong E is not an ordinary woman, according to historical records, Princess Dong E is a talented woman, coupled with the spleen temperature elegant, natural will be able to win shunzhi favor.So, the future heir of Shunzhi, is he and Princess Dong e fathered a child?Emperor Shunzhi only lived 24 years. How could he still have 14 children?Shunzhi had already had three sons and five princesses before he met Princess Dong, but the only woman shunzhi really wanted to spend the rest of his life with was Princess Dong.Soon, the following year, Princess Dong gave birth to an emperor’s son, who shunzhi naturally regarded as his “first” child, because it was with the one he truly loved.In the emperor shunzhi just concerned about the throne inheritance, the four prince but only after three months of being born, for shunzhi and dong hubei princess, this is undoubtedly a severe blow, especially dong hubei princess already weak body, the possibility of the future is not to have, so easily, and was just two years later.In addition, five of the eight children that emperor Shunzhi had given birth to died in succession. Shunzhi began to pay attention to this and was more active in procreation. By the time of his death, he had fourteen children.Why did emperor Shunzhi die so early and his children have such a high rate of premature death?Many historians speculate that emperor Shunzhi indulged his desires too early, and thus gave birth too early.Eventually, his body has not yet fully developed, but also when a “seeding machine”, the final must be overwhelmed, early death.At the end of the day, it’s a sad story.