220 square meters duplex housing, with a sense of villa-like space

2022-07-19 0 By

Today enjoy a unique 220 square meters of double entry door model, although in the middle of the high-level, but have a sense of space like villa.Let’s take a closer look.A staircase leads up to the second floor, creating the concept of a two-key room.Then directly to the activity hall, dining room, living room horizontal arrangement, the west side of the daylighting is very good, dining room kitchen one step away, dining, cooking moving line is very smooth.Surrounded by three rooms in the south, it also has its own balcony that spans the two rooms, which is very sunny and can be bathed in plenty of sunshine all day long.The master bedroom has its own bathroom with a bright window, and there is room for clothes inside. The full-size bay window can also bring scenery into the bedroom, which is very comfortable. The second bedroom on the north side is suitable for afternoon rest in summer, and it is close to the public area with a bright window bathroom, which is similar to the suite.Sitting room north side still has a illicit close balcony, can plant trees of a few flowers and plants, do not have the interest of life one time.Through the stairs to the second floor, there is a leisure hall in the middle, can be placed tea room and piano, highlighting the personal taste of art.There is another bedroom facing south, which is very private.On the second floor, there are two hanging gardens in the north and the south, which can satisfy all kinds of hobbies in life.What do you think of this apartment model?