Just announced!A total of 126 local cases have been confirmed in Baise

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A total of 27 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported in Baise, Guangxi, during a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control held in Debao County on Monday afternoon.Among them, 23 were reported in Debao County, 3 in Jingxi city and 1 in Pingyang District. Two asymptomatic local cases were reported in Debao County.As of noon on February 8, 126 confirmed cases had been reported, including 111 in Debao County, eight in Jingxi City, three in Youjiang District, two in Tianyang District, one in Longlin Ethnic Minority Autonomous County and one in Pingguo City.There are now two asymptomatic domestic cases.Of the 126 confirmed cases, 33 were ordinary and 93 were mild. All the cases have been admitted to designated medical institutions and are in stable condition.Based on the results of flow monitoring and risk assessment, the regions involved in the activity trajectory of confirmed cases were managed and controlled at different levels.At present, baise city all home quarantine, the implementation of the “no entry, no exit” measures.Debao County has designated 3 containment areas, 3 control areas and the whole area as prevention areas, and set Duan Fuji Village Longyi village as high risk area, Debao County Vienna Hotel as medium risk area;Youjiang District has been designated as a containment zone with 3 and control zones with 16, and the whole area as a prevention zone.Tianyang District demarcated one containment area, two control areas, the whole area as the prevention area;In Jingxi city, there are 11 closed control areas and 4 control areas, and the whole area is the prevention area.Longlin Ethnic Minority Autonomous County has two containment areas, one control area and six prevention areas.The next major tasks are as follows: first, strengthen nucleic acid testing.Based on the risk assessment, the scope of nucleic acid screening will be further expanded to ensure that screening is carried out thoroughly, early detection and prevention are carried out, and the spread of the epidemic is prevented.Second, we will strengthen flow, risk screening and control.The “two public offices, one bureau and one committee” mechanism will be fully used to improve the efficiency of the flow control of infected patients, and the screening and control of close contacts, sub-close contacts and risk groups will be carried out to ensure that no one is missed.We should promptly trace the source of the transmission chain and contain the growth of the epidemic as soon as possible.Third, strict management after global containment.The containment and control areas of close contacts should be sealed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.We will implement the three “no entry, no exit” measures in detail, and provide services to people at home after comprehensive control.Fourth, strengthen the control of key places.Local governments and industry authorities are responsible for ensuring that entertainment venues, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, railway stations, hospitals and other public places fully implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements.Meals and gatherings will be strictly controlled, and large-scale gatherings will be stopped.Fifth, we will strengthen personnel and material reserves.We will continue to reserve medical supplies and daily necessities, and mobilize personnel for negative pressure vehicles, public health and other supplies to prepare for cross-regional cooperation to deal with various emergencies.The outbreak of the epidemic in Baise has drawn wide attention from the public, and the Municipal Party Committee and people’s Government of Baise attach great importance to it.February 7 at 10 am, baise market regulator through the baise television, Internet, WeChat public media such as the “norm of about 2022 new crown remind warned of epidemic prevention and control during the market price order book, also send prices by telecom operators to remind SMS 3.8 million (times), remind enterprises and related unit price to strengthen self-discipline,Honest and legal operation, maintain price stability and normal trading order.We conducted interviews with business owners and five market operators involved in price complaints, requiring the enterprises to operate strictly in accordance with the law and do a good job in stabilizing prices and ensuring supply.As of today at 12, 12315 and 12345 received complaints involving the outbreak prices reported 25, stands for the masses, put forward by the individual market, disorderly price problem, immediately sent, to investigate and punish according to law, law enforcement personnel to the inspection of China resources supermarket increase in the price of Chinese cabbage, the horse market potatoes and other complaints for rapid disposal of the masses, have been carried out for verification,Three cases of suspected price violations have been placed on file to respond to people’s concerns and social concerns in a timely manner and protect their legitimate rights and interests.As of midnight today, price monitoring shows that the prices of masks, disinfectants and other epidemic prevention products remain the same as before the epidemic, the prices of cucumbers, radishes and tomatoes have slightly decreased, and the prices of cabbage, rape and eggs have slightly increased, but the increase is within a reasonable and controllable range.