Liaocheng: pick up children time, they appear at the school gate, specially escort children safety

2022-07-19 0 By

Qilu evening news · JiLuYi points The reporter Li Huailei correspondent Nan to strengthen the traffic safety of primary and middle school students to develop education, cultivate the students’ consciousness of traffic safety and traffic regulations, traffic in promoting universal civilization consciousness, on April 7, the liaocheng city public security bureau traffic police detachment on duty three brigades into the bright primary school, a group, using parents transportation time,Conduct traffic safety awareness activities at the school gate for children and parents picking up children.To cope with the higher requirements, actively promote the implementation of the “cman, reflective uniform” engineering, promotional traffic police by issuing the traffic safety propaganda materials, explain safety common sense knowledge and road walk, travel guide the parents for the children ready for school “cman” and “reflective clothes”, through cman and reflective clothes remind motor vehicles are careful to avoid, reduce and prevent the happening of the accident.During the activity, promote the traffic police found that most of the kids were old, concern and care for the old man to the child’s mental state, from the perspective of “for the child’s life safety”, advised the old man not walking car shuttle children ride a tricycle, old age, ride, ride electric cars and motorcycles must give correct themselves and their children to wear safety helmet, not to cross the road.Through the publicity activities, publicity traffic police call on students’ parents for their own and their children’s safety, timely correction of bad traffic habits, maintain a good order to pick up the children to set a correct example, effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.