Notes on nucleic acid testing for all staff in Ichuan County

2022-07-19 0 By

On March 27, our county will carry out nucleic acid testing for all staff.What should I pay attention to when participating in nucleic acid testing?Let’s “preview” it.Who needs to sample all residents in Yichuan County (including local resident population, temporary resident population, temporary floating population, foreign population, etc.)?People who received COVID-19 vaccine within 48 hours do not need to be sampled, but must report to their village (community) in advance.How to sample special personnel such as mobility inconvenience to the village (community) in advance to report, by the mobile sampling point collection personnel to sampling.● Oral and pharyngeal swabs During sampling, a swab like cotton swab is inserted into the mouth of the person to be collected, over the root of the tongue, and wiped on both sides of the tonsils and the posterior pharyngeal wall.According to the village (community) organization arrangements, with id cards, foreign identity certificates and other valid documents, time segments to the designated sampling points for sampling.Those without id cards must be accompanied by a specific stakeholder (child, parent, teacher, guardian, etc.) carrying ID cards, otherwise sampling cannot be completed.To avoid vomiting during sampling, do not eat within 2 hours before sampling.Please do not smoke, drink alcohol or chew gum within 30 minutes before sampling.● Check your health code before sampling and make sure that the health code is green.Children should be accompanied by their parents and provide their ID number. Wear masks correctly and carry a spare mask for replacement.Choose walking or cycling as far as possible, and follow the arrangements to the designated sampling points for sampling.Take personal protection when waiting in line, wear a mask at all times, take temperature measurements, keep a distance of more than 1 meter, and avoid gathering and talking to each other.● When sampling, after the front person has finished sampling, the back person should not rush to the front, not to take off the mask immediately, should keep a safe distance of 2 meters, and wait for the collector to wrap the previous test body, complete hand disinfection, take out a new swab, then quickly come to the front and sit down.When sampling, take off the mask, relax as much as possible, tilt your head back, open your mouth and say “ah”.During the collection process, there may be pharyngeal discomfort. If you want to cough, sneeze or vomit, do not face the collector or other people. You can prepare tissues in advance.Try not to touch the sampling table and other items and staff’s protective clothing, and do not put personal items on the sampling table, such as ID cards, keys, mobile phones, etc.● Wash hands or clean and disinfect hands with alcohol immediately after sampling.Put on the spare mask, put the discarded mask into the designated medical garbage bag or medical trash can, and leave the site quickly. Do not stay at the sampling point.Special reminder (1) From 8:00 to 15:00 on March 27 (Sunday), all supermarkets, stores, farmers’ markets and other commercial places in the sampling area will be closed, except for the necessary jobs to guarantee residents’ life and the basic operation of the city.County sections (except national and provincial trunk roads) implement traffic control, vehicles only in and out, all public transport suspended, please pass vehicles in advance to bypass and avoid traffic, to avoid congestion.(2) March 27, in addition to the closed Internet cafes, KTV, entertainment and other personnel gathering closed places continue to close since March 19, the rest of the cultural entertainment venues, sports venues, parks and other personnel gathering places closed for one day.Boarding school adopts closed management, non-boarding school off one day.(c) COVID-19 vaccination was stopped in the county from March 25 to 27.(IV) All yellow code personnel should report to their village (community, community) before 16:00 on March 26.Upon completion of centralized sampling, the village (community, community) shall notify the designated sampling site for nucleic acid sampling.(5) For residents who do not participate in the nucleic acid test, the health code will be given yellow code, and the corresponding legal liabilities will be investigated in accordance with the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases and other relevant provisions.Show it to all your friends and relatives!