Nourish liver and eat carrot, 6 ways to relieve cravings, delicious flavor, adults and children love to eat

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With carrot juice and noodles, not a yeast, also can make salty and attractive small fried bag, the bottom is crisp, other places are soft and tender sweet, fresh filling juicy, dough firm strong way, eat special sweet.One carrot, 300 grams of flour, appropriate amount of mushroom, green onion, egg 4 [making steps] 1, one carrot, first brush silk, add a spoon of salt to marinate for 10 minutes, pickle the water inside, like this degree is ok, dry with gauze;The sauce will be used to mix the noodles, and the shredded carrots will be set aside;2, flour 300 grams, 2 grams of salt to increase the strength of flour, 150 ml of carrot juice and noodles, juice little amount to add water;Knead the dough into a smooth dough with moderate hardness and softness. Remove the dough to a cutting board and make long strips, divide into small dough agents, continue to knead smooth and round, press into small cakes, put them into a plate, sprinkle with dry flour, cover and relax for 30 minutes;3. Now mix the filling and finely chop the carrots.Sliced mushrooms;Cut a little more green onion, cut the white of the green onion separately, then cut the green onion;4. Beat 4 eggs in a bowl with 1 teaspoon salt.5, heat the pot with oil, heat the fire into the egg, quickly stir with chopsticks, shape and then chop into small particles with a spatula, fried after sheng out;6, add the right amount of oil in the pot, heat the next green onion white, stir fry the fragrant mushroom, add a spoonful of yellow bean sauce, half a spoonful of salt, a little bit of pepper, stir fry evenly after the carrot is also added in, pour in the egg and stir well together, stir fry 30s out of the pot, egg stuffing is done;7, dough son also wake up, take out can roll, roll into the middle thick edge thin dough, wrapped with two tablespoons of stuffing, wrapped up, not like the bun knead particularly good-looking, as long as the squeeze can be, tidy up, the embryo is all done;8. Pour oil into a pan, put the steamed stuffed bun into the pan, cover with the lid and fry with low fire, fry until one side is golden, like this state, you can add half a bowl of water;9, cover with a medium heat to dry the soup, before out of the pot, add a handful of green onion, onion fragrance overflow more attractive, you can also use the remaining heat in the pot to bake the other side, the taste will be better, out of the pot, fried bag is ready.The bottom of the scorched crisp, I was a minute late out of the pot, there is a little bit of paste at the bottom, we can pay attention to the pot, basically is the water closed dry can turn off the fire, can’t wait to taste a, really very fragrant, crispy, crisp, strength, break is also full of stuffing.1, we first wash carrots, here is 5 pounds of weight, after washing all peel;2, then began to cut, cut into round pieces, do not have to cut so thin as stir-fry, a little bit with a little thickness to make it better to eat;3, carrots cut well after we prepare a jin and a half of yellow ice sugar, no yellow ice sugar can be replaced by white rock sugar and sugar;4, we first put half of the rock sugar into the pot, and then turn on a small heat until the rock sugar melts, without adding water, the temperature rises after the rock sugar will melt;5, boil out the sugar water after the rest of the rock sugar also add in, at this time the carrot also add in to boil, slowly the water inside the carrot will also boil out, at this time the pot of sugar water will be more, cook patiently for a while, while stirring;6, about half an hour or so, at this time the pot will still have some sugar water has not been completely absorbed, it does not matter, as long as the carrots boiled sweet can;7, turn off the fire after we use a slotted spoon to take out the carrots to drain water, drain completely after you can start drying or baking, the recent sun is actually good, I baked half, half;8, put the oven baking pan remember lined with oil paper, and then next to a piece of son son set the oven, I use up and down fire 110 degrees 90 minutes, the specific temperature and time or according to their own oven to decide;9, the rest of the other half of the carrots are placed directly into the sun after exposure, the recent weather three SUNS can almost be dried, carrots boiled after will reduce the drying time;Let’s take a look at the dried carrots after roasting. The thin ones are especially dry. They are crisp to eat, and the thick ones are slightly soft to hold, just like preserved fruit.It’s a little bit stronger, but I like it better.It’s the same with sun-dried carrots, and the length of time it’s in the sun determines its texture, so this carrot is kind of like a sweet potato, it’s sweet, it’s just one piece after another, you can’t stop it.If you can’t finish it, store it in a sealed jar or bag.Flour 300g, salt 3g, room temperature water 240g stuffing2 carrots, 4 eggs, onion, ginger and garlic appropriate amount, shrimp peel appropriate amount, vermicellin 1, salt, chicken essence 1 spoon, pepper appropriate amount, sesame oil 1 tablespoon [procedure] 1, first to mix the flour, flour 300 grams, salt 3 grams, room temperature water 240 grams in separate times, stirring while adding;When there is no dry flour, knead the dough and basically make a dough. Cover with plastic wrap and let stand for 30 minutes.2, this time we prepare the stuffing, a fan warm water soft;3, two carrots first brush silk, and then change the knife chopped;4, eggs 4 stir up the standby, the pot heat oil, scrambled egg oil can be more, oil into the egg heat, fried after sheng out;5. Add a little oil to the pot, heat the onion, ginger and garlic with oil, and then come to a handful of shrimps.Carrots are also added to stir fry, stir fry carrots oil after a better release of carotene, stir soft you can turn off the fire and fill out;6, the fans at this time also soak, put on the chopping board chopped point;Then pour all in a big bowl after the adjustment of flavor, shrimp skin is originally salty, salt can be a little less, a teaspoon of salt is enough, then 1 teaspoon of chicken essence, a little pepper, 1 teaspoon of sesame oil mix well, the vegetarian stuffing really super fragrant;7, dough son also wake up, take out a simple knead is very smooth and delicate, rub into a small dough agent, grab a lot of flour, hands rub back and forth to move the dosage, so that each dosage are evenly coated with flour;8, then use the palm of your hand along the edge of the knife to press down, the dosage can start rolling dumpling skin, right hand with rolling dough is simple and the fastest;Their dumpling skin can be divided into a group of 30, after rolling it immediately wrapped up, so it will not stick together;9, the dough does not need to wipe water, can be easily pinched, all wrapped can begin to cook;Water to open the dumplings, I boiled dumplings like “roll three roll”, water after boiling with cold water, repeated three times after it is ok, dumplings are all cooked, all floating up, out of the can start.Pusuant to breakfast and staple food, crisp skin, soft inside, fresh vegetables, smell special.Dough: 300g plain flour, 3g salt, 180ml warm water, cooking oil Filling: 1 pumpkin, 1 carrot, 2 eggs Dressing:A little bit of salt, half spoon 13 xiang, half spoon of light soya sauce, 1 spoon edible oil [step] 1, first of all to prepare 300 grams of ordinary flour into a bowl, then add 3 grams of reinforcement of edible salt to increase flour, stir well and pour into 180 ml of warm water and, after mixing into flocculent overhand kneading dough, knead into dough can;Brush the surface with a layer of cooking oil, cover the lid and wake up for 1 hour, you can wake up at room temperature, or put in the refrigerator;2, at this time we prepare stuffing, first prepare a pumpkin brush into silk, and then prepare a carrot brush into silk, and then add the right amount of salt, pickled pumpkin and carrot inside the water, about 20 minutes can be preserved;3, prepare another bowl, put two eggs, stir with chopsticks, heat the oil in the pot, pour the egg after the oil is hot, stir into chicken rice grains can be put on a plate and cool;4, now we give pumpkin and carrot flavor, add a little bit of salt, half a spoon of thirteen incense, half a spoon of light soy sauce, a spoon of cooking oil, and then mix it with chopsticks, and then put the cold eggs into it, stir well together can be put aside for use;5, we remove the dough is wake up to now, it is ok to put a little rub rub it on the chopping block, and then into small small pieces of dough, the first thing we will each small small pieces of dough into a round shape, then rolling into a thin crust, face after wake up will be very resilient, will not be easy to break, then put the stuffing we tuned up, wrapped up like a bag steamed stuffed bun,Finally, press lightly with the palm of your hand;6, all done after the electric pancake pan brush oil, put the pancake, small fire to one side of the design after flipping the other side, until both sides become golden and crispy, the dough has become very soft, that is already cooked, can be enjoyed out of the pot;The vegetable box made in this way has thin stuffing and is very soft to eat. Even if it is cooled, it will not be hard. Moreover, it is nutritious and healthy with eggs and vegetables, which are very suitable for breakfast and staple food.Chinese cabbage, spring onion, fungus, green beans, carrot, starch, ham sausage, mushrooms, lotus root, dried egg, salt, hu pepper powder cade.1, first to break Chinese cabbage, as long as the leaf part, vegetable stem open don’t, blanching water after boiling, up to 1 minutes, take out and drain water.2. Blanch the spring Onions and remove them in 10 seconds. After blanching a little, bundle the cabbage.3. Soak fungus first, peel some green beans and corn;Dice carrot, ham sausage, mushroom, lotus root and dried egg.Soak good agaric chop;4, heat the wok with oil, add all the garnishes and stir-fry, salt, pepper to taste, do not completely stir-fry, break raw dish out.5, cabbage leaves spread, a spoonful of stuffing in the middle bag, wrapped up, tied up, a small bag is done, into the steamer pot steaming, hot water steaming pot, fire for 8 minutes.6, we now make a soup, unused stuffing into the pot, a bowl of water to boil, water starch thicken, soup can be filled out when thick.7, the vegetable bag can also be steamed out of the pot, doused in soup can be opened to eat, the taste is relatively fresh, no greasy feeling, the taste is relatively light, but also relatively nourishing stomach, food ingredients more complete, nutrition need not say more, but the fragrance is not covered.Celery, green onion, garlic, carrot, white radish, egg cade.Cut some celery first, small or diced.A few green onion, green onion can be left to wait for cooking;Couple cloves of garlic, finely chopped.2, carrots, add two tablespoons of salt to pickle water, white radish is the same, first silk and then pickled.3. When the marinate is ready, squeeze it dry with gauze. Take a plate and pour some cornstarch.Squeeze again, and you’ve got the balls.4, hot pot pour oil, try the oil temperature, chopsticks can immediately bubble out of the pot can be fried, fried white first, I this pot is relatively small, not fried together, fried to the surface becomes brittle on the fish out.5, fried carrot balls, do not fry to the surface of the ball color, as long as the skin becomes crisp can be out of the pot, we respectively have a look at the fried balls, the skin is crisp, break, the radish inside is still very fresh.6. Prepare two eggs and stir them up. I have left some of the oil that has just fried the balls.Add celery and stir-fry. Add half a bowl of water, salt and pepper to taste. Pour in the balls and stir well.It’s a dish that I think you could call a full house of gold and jade, but it’s really delicious, even though it’s all vegetarian.And the color collocation is rich, it also looks very appetitive, white radish and carrot are also eaten separately, there is no need to worry about nutrition loss.