Pudong medical equipment will help the Winter Olympics and escort the Olympic athletes

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Various events of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are in full swing. The difficult ice and snow events and strict epidemic prevention management have put forward higher requirements for medical security.Among them, the new medical technology from Pudong is escorting the Olympic athletes.Xiao Bu learned from Rayko Medical that currently, Chongli Hospital of The Third Hospital of Beijing University of Medicine is equipped with three DR machines of Rayko: two mobile DR machines and one suspended intelligent DR, and Hebei Huaao Hospital is equipped with a latest suspended DR device of Rayko: DRX-COMPASS digital Medical X-ray photography system, which fully supports the medical security work of ice sports.The CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution is “a portable, flexible, low-footprint, and easy-to-use device for emergency room, ICU, and bedside diagnostics.”Using mobile DR, medical imaging can be transferred from the imaging department and radiology department to wherever the patient is located, according to related officials.However, snow and ice sports are mostly skill-based racing events, and athletes are prone to injury and traumatic accidents in high-intensity training and competition.Sports injuries mainly involve bone and soft tissue injuries, and the use of DR equipment can quickly and efficiently diagnose common sports injuries, such as fracture, dislocation, fluid/pneumothorax, etc.CARESTREAM DRX-Compass X-ray System Digital Medical X-ray System It is worth mentioning that the latest suspended DR equipment introduced by Reecho in 2020 is:The DRX-COMPASS digital Medical X-ray imaging system, developed in China and manufactured in Shanghai, is specifically designed to meet the needs of Chinese hospitals with high outpatient throughput. It also incorporates AI technology and 5G ports to help clinicians achieve more efficient and accurate imaging diagnosis.Since entering the Chinese market in 1993 and merging into jinqiao Development Zone in Pudong, Shanghai, Rayco has invested more than us $1 billion in China.Jinqiao Development Zone has set up factories, regional headquarters and global RESEARCH and development center, forming a complete industrial chain of RESEARCH and development, production, marketing, sales, after-sales maintenance and other.In recent years, Reecho Medical is actively transforming to digital, with intelligent imaging solutions to facilitate accurate diagnosis, so as to improve the patient experience, while allowing more people to access high-quality imaging services.At the beginning of 2020, Reecho also donated a mobile digital medical X-ray photography system to Leishenshan Hospital in Wuhan to help fight the epidemic there.Source: Pudong