Sun Wenyan, a retired soldier, records the “war on epidemic disease” by hand drawing. Her cartoon shop is really loving

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No matter at home or at work, Sun Doodle will accompany us through the emergency together!Come on!”She participated in epidemic prevention work and drew heart-warming paintings by hand inspired by epidemic prevention stories.She is Sun Wenyan, a former soldier.In college, Sun responded to the national call to enlist in the army in December 2009.During her service in the army, she successfully completed 184 days of security inspection of the World Expo. She was awarded as a security expert in the squadron for many times and was awarded the title of “Excellent Soldier” once.After her retirement, she entered the Putuo District People’s Procuratorate in Shanghai and became a police inspector.After the outbreak of COVID-19, she actively responded to the call and became one of the first volunteers to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic in the neighborhood committees during the Spring Festival holiday.That time, in the community everywhere can see her busy figure.The unit needs to send more than one volunteer every day to help the community to do prevention and control, So Sun Wenyan took the initiative to undertake volunteer work.As long as there are prevention and control tasks, we can always see her firm reply: “Director, I go!”Today it’s her tomorrow it’s her again the day after.After the holiday, Sun wenyan became the “goalkeeper” of the unit’s epidemic prevention and control.Just before 7 a.m., she was at the gate to take her temperature.Because she is familiar with all the people in the hospital, she can always do the temperature measurement registration quickly, avoiding the gathering and staying of people and reducing risks.While participating in the epidemic prevention work, Sun also drew inspiration from the news and the epidemic prevention stories around her, drew heart-warming hand drawings and shared them on wechat moments, which not only helped everyone to sweep away the haze brought by the epidemic, but also recorded her and her colleagues’ “fight against the epidemic” life.On February 5, 2020, she posted her first anti-epidemic doodle on her wechat moments, which opened her cartoon.”Four pieces out of the street” “Send away the plague, celebrate the Lantern Festival” “Today afternoon may rain, but I hope you are still in a good mood, because the sun always after the storm”……Warm language, with a lively painting style close to life, imperceptible, cartoon popular in putuo procuratorate circle of friends, college colleagues have forwarded, in a smile at the same time, but also to help everyone to sweep away a lot of worries and haze, Xiao Sun cartoon has become everyone’s daily “spiritual food”.In addition to working on the front lines to help prevent and control the epidemic, Sun also donated to the Shanghai Charity Foundation.At ordinary times, Sun Wenyan will take the initiative to participate in the voluntary service of garbage sorting in the residential community on weekends. She has been persisting in the service until now.Sun Wenyan’s family is a warm and happy family of three, her husband is a police officer of putuo Public Security Bureau.The family is positive and helpful, which is well received by neighbors.Over the years, the couple has been enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings, supporting community work, taking the initiative to solve problems for everyone, and has won a good reputation.Their family has been awarded the title of “One Hundred Most Beautiful Families in Putuo District” in 2019 and “Most Beautiful Families on the Sea” in Shanghai in 2020.After the outbreak of COVID-19, as a young Party member and a former soldier, she volunteered to fight the epidemic in the community without hesitation to provide support services. She also used cartoons to record her life in the fight against the epidemic to help sweep away the haze brought by the epidemic.As a police officer, Sun wenyan’s wife not only supported her work, but also went to the community committee to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work. The couple encouraged each other and silently protected the safety of one party.(Putuo District Veterans Affairs Bureau, Shanghai)