The price increases spread to fuel cars, with Mercedes-Benz raising the prices of its models

2022-07-19 0 By

In the price of raw materials and supply chain shortages and other pressures, a number of new energy vehicle brands recently announced price increases are gradually to the traditional fuel car “spread”.On April 6, Mercedes-Benz website showed that the prices of imported C-class, imported E-Class, s-Class, domestic E-class, GLC long-wheelbase version, as well as AMG and Maybach models have been adjusted.Among them, the E260 luxury Sport version will increase by 5,800 yuan from 459,900 yuan to 464,800 yuan;E300 Sport edition increased by 6,400 yuan from 515,400 yuan to 521,800 yuan;E300l fashion increased by 4900 yuan, from 473,900 yuan to 478,800 yuan;E300 L luxury model increased by 5900 yuan, adjusted from 492,900 yuan to 498,800 yuan.Among the Maybach series, the GLS 600 4MATIC style edition saw the biggest increase of 121,000 yuan from 2.98 million yuan to 3.101 million yuan.In addition, mercedes-benz customer service center staff also confirmed to reporters, due to the recent sharp rise in the price of some raw materials and the impact of global supply chain shortage, since April 2, Mercedes-Benz has adjusted the recommended retail prices of some models manufacturers in sale.This is the first price increase for the Mercedes-Benz brand in the Chinese market in 2022.In fact, not only in The Chinese market, since April 1, Mercedes-Benz has also adjusted the price of all models in the Indian market, within the range of 3%.As for the reasons for the price increase, the statement information shows that the rising logistics costs and raw material prices have caused great pressure on the company’s overall cost.However, it remains to be seen whether mercedes-benz’s price increases will translate into price increases for a growing number of traditional carmakers.Zhang Bing, Beijing News Shell Finance reporter