Xiangyang, Hubei province: Transition butterflies turn green and rise

2022-07-19 0 By

Just after the vernal equinox, the mountains turned green.Xiangyang ancient city, clear water and green mountains, all highlight the ecological background of the city.Inside and outside the 2,800-year-old ancient city wall, beside the moat, willows sprout and flowers bloom, just like a vibrant spring picture.According to the action plan to improve The greening of Xiangyang formulated by the city, in 2022, the city plans to complete afforestation of 218,600 mu, cultivate forestry seedlings of 15,200 mu, cultivate young and middle forests of 183,000 mu, establish 2 provincial-level forest towns and 10 municipal-level forest towns, and build 426 forest villages at all levels.During the 14th Five-year Plan period, the city will comprehensively promote the “2129” project, which is led by the establishment of xiangyang forest city group and the demonstration and pilot construction of “two mountains” in the mountainous area of southwest China. The new afforestation will be more than 1 million mu, and the planned investment will be more than 20 billion yuan.Nine key projects have been carried out, including Yuliangzhou ecological green Heart, Han River ecological Corridor, Northern Hubei ecological protection forest, central city ecological barrier, Han River Botanical Garden, “Thousands of villages and thousands of trees” action, forest unit creation, native tree species and seedlings breeding base, and Hyun Mountain City Central Park.In order to accelerate the construction of beautiful Xiangyang, take the lead in realizing green rise, and promote the coordinated development of “Xiang-shi-god” city group to provide a good ecological guarantee.As a sub-central city in Hubei province and a central city in the Han River Basin, Xiangyang’s GDP in 2021 ranks among the 500 billion yuan club, reaching 530.9 billion yuan, ranking among the top 50 cities in China for four consecutive years.In recent years, Xiangyang has carried out in-depth pollution prevention and control battle, focusing on the blue sky, clear water, pure land, waste cleaning, treatment from the source, ecological restoration.On the road of ecological civilization construction and development, Xiangyang accelerates the adjustment of industrial structure, deepens green transformation and upgrading, and takes more solid steps towards the goal of “building a beautiful Xiangyang and realizing green rise”.We continued to intensify efforts to prevent and control water pollution, and carried out ten landmark campaigns to protect the Yangtze River.According to statistics, in the past three years, xiangyang pass has been transformed to 24 chemical enterprises along the river, and the chemical enterprises within 1 kilometer along the river have been eliminated in advance.All the black and smelly water bodies in the city have been cut off and black and smelly water has been eliminated.Fishing was banned in xiangyang section of han River, Tangbai River and Manhe River, 408 illegal sand mines and stockyards were dismantled, and 1,142 sand-related vessels were banned.After three years of intensive efforts, xiangyang has completed all the targets and tasks of pollution prevention and control by 2021.The assessment targets for PM10, PM2.5 and the number of good days, the targets for the 13th Five-Year Plan and the targets for pollution prevention and control were all fulfilled.The water quality of the main stream of the Hanjiang River remained at the level of Class ⅱ, and the water quality of nine sections in the national examination reached the excellent level, fulfilling the target set by Hubei Province. The water quality rate of nine centralized drinking water sources above the county level reached 100%, exceeding the target set by the province at 95%.In recent years, Xiangyang has been committed to building an important green growth pole in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, building a circular industrial system, strengthening the comprehensive utilization of resources, and driving new industries into the fast track of development.A system of strategic emerging industries has taken shape, including new-energy vehicles, intelligent equipment manufacturing, new materials, new-generation information technology, and biomedicine.(Article/Video by Jiang Weibing/Yang Dong)