Did you find out that Piper was the real Tiwat Traveler?

2022-07-20 0 By

As the original god’s poster girl, Paramount has always been very popular, whether it is the emergency food meme, the PI Mona Lisa, or the jojo in the latest edition of the Paramount cover book, but in fact, there are a lot of questions about Paramount. What are they?Let’s take a look.Whether the “guide” of the travelers introduces the seven days gods to Ying/Kong or the origin of Morra to Ying/Kong, it can be seen that Paramount, the guide, has at least a certain understanding of the general situation of the seven kingdoms, and the so-called guide is really worthy of the name.But understanding the Seven Kingdoms is not an ordinary thing to do, as Wendy looks surprised when she first meets Vanessa, a Munata, and even questions how She got to Monde.In terms of the number of foreign nationals in each country in the game, apart from a large foreign port like Hyrimoon port, there are few foreigners, let alone anyone who can be called a guide.In that sense, Perhaps, Paramount is a better fit for traveler than Fluorescent/Air.Can fly can fly what?Isn’t it normal to fly in another world?However, in the world of Tiwat, it is quite rare, so far in the game, bleeding dogs, relic hunters, gods.Bloody dog (gold) of creation and relic hunters (rhea technology) must have and send every relationship is not big, but god is quite comparable to ponder, under deep palace drama is not the original, everyone guessing pie is justified, and deep palace, in addition to the plot, combining with the wind “the wind brought the seeds of the story, and time to sprout”,Pymon is more like the time to rule Istalus.So what do you think about Piper’s identity?Welcome to leave your opinion in Pinglu district!