Hunan Development invested 20 million yuan to enter the photovoltaic industry, director Guo Ping voted against

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Red Star Capital Bureau noted that on February 11, Hunan Development (000722.SZ) announced that it planned to join hands with Hunan Zhuzhou Lukou Economic Development Zone to test the photovoltaic industry.However, the decision to enter the photovoltaic industry was opposed by one of the directors when the board deliberated.Hunan developed into a state-owned enterprise, and hunan SasAC was the actual controller of the company.The company’s main businesses are clean energy, medical care and health, and natural resources development. It owns zhuzhou Avionics Branch, Hunan Development Group Hydropower Industry Management Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Hunan Development Hydropower Company”), Hunan Development Group Pension Industry Co., LTD., and many other wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries.Hunan development, according to the announcement according to the energy company business development strategy planning, hunan development wholly owned subsidiary of hunan hydropower development company plans to its own funds in hunan zhuzhou set up wholly owned investment youthful hunan development green mouth new energy development co., LTD. (also, hereinafter referred to as the “new company”), the registered capital of 20 million yuan,Hunan development hydropower company to hold 100% equity.New after its establishment, the company intends to zhuzhou green mouth economic development zone industrial development group co., LTD. Signed the south chau industrial park distributed photovoltaic roof project cooperation contract, both sides use of zhuzhou city green estuary in the industrial park has three phase standard factory building and plant roof distributed photovoltaic project cooperation development, the roof with a total area of 36900 square meters,The planned total installed capacity is 4.4451 MW.According to the feasibility study report of the project, the total investment of the project is about 217,500 yuan, and the financial internal rate of return of the project is 6.04% (after tax).The notice shows that this matter has been approved by the 17th meeting of the 10th Board of Directors of Hunan Development, and this matter is within the scope of the board of directors’ approval authority, and there is no need to submit to the company’s general meeting of shareholders for deliberation.Red Star Capital Bureau noted that at the 17th meeting of the 10th board of Directors of Hunan Development, a total of 3 bills were considered, and the other two bills were passed by 5 votes.But one board member opposed the move, and the vote was 4 to 1 against.”We think the economics are mediocre,” said Guo Ping, a company director, who voted against the proposal.Born in October 1961, Guo is a member of the Communist Party of China and holds a graduate degree, according to hunan Development’s official website.He was a member of the Standing Committee of Shifeng District Committee of Zhuzhou City and director of the District Committee Office.Member of the Standing Committee of Zhuzhou Hetang District Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Group of The District Government, and Deputy Head of the District;Deputy Secretary of Hutang District Committee of Zhuzhou City, Deputy Secretary of The Leading Party Group of The District Government and Deputy Director of the District;Director and Deputy Party Secretary of The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Zhuzhou;Secretary and Director of the Party Committee of The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Zhuzhou;Member of party Committee and Deputy general manager of Hunan Xiangtou Holding Group Co., LTD.Director of Hunan Development Group Co.,Ltd.In recent years, China’s photovoltaic industry has grown rapidly.Tianyan Inspection 2021 annual industry insight report shows that in 2021, China’s new photovoltaic related enterprises more than 89,000, a year-on-year growth of 71.4%.And in Hunan listed companies, there are many enterprises layout of photovoltaic, including Huayin Electric Power (600744.SH), Changgao Group (002452.sZ), Blue Technology (300433.sZ), Yonker Environmental Protection (300187.sZ) and so on.Red Star news reporter Yu Yao Tao Yue Yang editor Yang Cheng (download red star news, reporting awards!