Imp Wang Linkai talks about “being recognized” very happy, the interview revealed that the new song will be born?

2022-07-20 0 By

Ding ~ this week’s “love tease interview” once again invited our old friend imp – Wang Linkai!Want to know what he shared with Nicky about “The Shining Band”?Fast stamp below video immediately unlock beep glittering “rock” rabbit facing the stage performance is good in the program “good kid’s shoes left confident output of imp” emergency withdrawal “then claimed that he was a humble boy even call accident that you stick to do” little music “got everyone’s identity these words I say ghost less really is too modestAfter all, the popular Internet “Don’t Call Me Da Vinci” who hasn’t heard it a hundred million times!Chat little said: by the way in the small and medium-sized odd smell of new song “breath” left since can’t say that we are looking forward to hear kid sing to us as soon as possible the stem with interesting tide imp cool cool boy stage with feeling, glamour 4 shoot the scenes of the little terrier constantly, super funny kid when talking about cooperation and blues teachers that it is hard to disagree with one summary!High energy ahead!Hey, Darlene, come on! Ha ha ha ha! A rapper who blew up the stage!Piao!!”The culprit” is the ↓ recording “Flash band” late night snack!”Ladle mouth” kid face “color torture” unexpectedly also the scene self-disclosure “because I am more fickle” have terrier boy certification!In response to fans’ cries of “covering legs”, the bully boy responded online: “You can cover your legs!” ahhhhhhh!The…Small strange can take the lead to report a name next time to “love hold up exclusive interview” guest is “super interesting ski congress” Lin Yi little brother please look forward to it!