In 2010, the 56-year-old mother who lost her only child risked her life to give birth to a boy and a girl in order to carry on the family line. What happened?

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No matter ancient or modern, the old son is a great blessing, in 60 years also can have children and grandchildren around the knee, is the pursuit of many people.However, for less affluent families, having a child in old age can be a huge burden and even completely change the course of life.Guo Min, who lives in Changping, Beijing, had such an experience.At the age of 56, she gave birth to twins, but instead of a happy family, she was under a lot of pressure.Not only that, at guo Min’s most vulnerable time, her husband fell seriously ill, to the originally poor family added to the burden.”I want to live to be 100 for my children,” guo said.So why did Guo min choose to have a baby at the age of 56?What of these two children today?In 2005, guo min had just turned 51 and was working as an accountant at a state-owned enterprise in Changsha, Hunan Province.Her current husband, Ren Hansheng, is a Chinese teacher in a local middle school. They have a decent job and a stable life.In fact, they had just been married for four years.In 1996, Guo and her ex-husband Liu divorced due to personality differences, and ren hansheng’s ex-wife died unexpectedly in the same year. The two met by chance.Since they both lost their wives and shared common topics, they became acquainted with each other. They fell in love quickly and got married in 2001.Guo min has a 24-year-old daughter named Liu Linghui.It was her only child because of the one-child policy.After her remarriage, her daughter was rarely with her, but she and her daughter kept in touch with each other and felt very affectionate.But the good times did not last long, on the night of November 23, 2005, the terrible news came to Guo Min’s ears like a bolt from the blue.Liu Linghui was in a coma in a car accident and is in hospital.After hearing this news, Guo Min didn’t even have time to hang up the phone, then rushed to the hospital.However, due to excessive blood loss, Liu linghui did not last long and left the world forever. By the time Guo Min arrived, her body was already cold.The night was the longest in Guo Min’s life. She was reluctant to leave her daughter’s body.By the end, she had no strength left to cry, only a long silence, her eyes glazed over, as if she had lost her soul.Guo Min a black hair, also white half.Losing her only child at the age of 51 is hard for Guo Min to imagine.For the next two years, like all elderly people who have lost their only child, she suffered from daily anxiety and rapidly decreased ability to work.The person in the company sympathizes with her experience already, but hope she can return to the right track as soon as possible again, husband Ren Hansheng is more for this hold broken heart.He once had a long talk with his wife, took her to see a psychologist and even found time to accompany her on a trip to Hainan.But those efforts ended in failure, and Guo never accepted her daughter’s departure.In June 2008, Guo Min suddenly saw on TV that a 60-year-old woman had given birth to a fat little boy through artificial insemination.She was so excited by the news that it occurred to her that if she missed her daughter so much, why not have another child?She immediately told her husband, Ren Hansheng, about her idea.Ren hansheng, however, looked startled. “What, give birth?”.Indeed, This year Guo Min already 54 years old, TV is TV after all, such a big age to give birth to a child, the danger can be imagined.So Ren Hansheng strongly disagreed. However, Guo Min had made up his mind and quickly put it into action.In early July 2008, Guo Min came to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of changsha First People’s Hospital.Lu, the director in front of her, is known as “China’s first test-tube baby” and has rich experience in artificial insemination.However, in the face of Guo Min’s request, she refused the first time.After all, older mothers are over 35, let alone 54.However, Guo Min was very insistent, even kneeling on the ground, asked Lu director for help.Director Lu saw, can only agree to help her to carry out a general examination, if there is no problem to discuss the next process.It is unexpected that although Guo Min is very old, but the physical condition is quite good, is fertile.Immediately, Guo Min took the B ultrasonic report back home, Ren Hansheng looked at his wife’s excited look, can not help but recall the past three years.After the loss of her only child, Guo Min has been in a semi-depressed state for a long time, rarely taking anything so seriously.”If giving birth makes her happy, let’s do it,” ren said, finally agreeing to guo’s request.So, the two returned to the hospital and asked Lu to help them do the embryo transfer operation.Before signing the procedure, Lu repeatedly stressed that Guo min had already broken the country’s record for elderly mothers by giving birth at the age of 54, with a success rate of only about 60 percent.If the failure, the sixty thousand dollars is a waste of water, however, Guo Min does not care about these, she can not wait to sign, from now on with the doctor’s transplant work.However, as Lu said, transplants at Guo Min’s age are extremely difficult.In the following two years, they tried, but the embryos failed to survive, Guo Min due to age and physical reasons also miscarried, rested for a year.The doctor and Ren Hansheng also repeatedly advised her to give up, but Guo Min always refused, the body just recovered and asked the doctor to transplant again.By early 2010, the survival rate of embryos was much higher thanks to new techniques.Guo Min’s efforts ushered in dawn eventually, in order to make sure, Director Lu implants two embryos in her body.To our surprise, after more than a month of observation, both embryos miraculously survived.For medicine, it was a huge step forward, but for Ren, it was a minor problem.After all, after two years of struggle, Mr. Ren and Mr. Guo have emptied almost all of their savings.In order to prepare for pregnancy, Guo took early retirement, and her monthly income was much lower.If two children are born at once, the burden on the family will increase again, and Ren is worried about whether he will be able to raise them.So, Ren Hansheng put forward the hope to be able to take out a child, but Guo Min is determined not to agree.”How can I give up one of my children when they are both my own flesh and blood?If you don’t want to raise it, I will raise it myself.Words are said to this, Ren Hansheng is not good to adhere to, so he did his best to take care of Guo Min.Finally, at the end of 2010, two children were born, a boy and a girl. The boy was named Ren Jiabin and the girl Ren Jiamin.Heavy burden of life, struggling to support the old son, Guo Min showed a rare smile, once enveloped in the haze on her face also swept away.Ivf babies tend to be weak, so they need to stay in hospital for a long time.During that time, Guo spent almost every day outside the incubator, looking lovingly at her child through the glass.The joy of having children can be imagined, but trouble comes one after another.The first is that people around do not understand.When Ren hansheng and Guo Min returned home with their two children, many unsuspecting neighbors even assumed they were their grandchildren.After learning the truth, the public are a little embarrassed, can only leng in situ, I do not know what to say is good.This happens almost every day, whether she is taking her children for a walk or shopping at the market, Guo Min is often seen as The grandmother of Bin and Min.But life’s misunderstandings may be nothing compared to financial difficulties.As we mentioned earlier, Guo Min took early retirement to have a baby.Her monthly pension is just over 1,000 yuan, and the whole family lives on Ren’s salary.But no one expected that in 2013, when his two children were supposed to go to kindergarten, Ren suffered a cerebral thrombosis and would never be able to return to work.In order to reduce the burden of Guo Min, Ren Hansheng chose to live in his son’s home.His son is 36 and has never married for family reasons.When Guo Min lost her only daughter, he thought about getting married and having children himself to relieve her pain, but financial constraints eventually limited his plan.But even with Ren’s sacrifices, Guo has struggled to take care of her two children.Money is of course a priority, and to raise money for her children’s living expenses, Guo uses her accounting expertise to do the books for seven small companies simultaneously.The accounts were so complicated that she was often up until three or four in the morning.For her, it’s a matter of getting the kids out of bed every night and sneaking up to work.She has to get up before 7 am to prepare breakfast for her children, so she often sleeps less than five hours a day.Under such pressure, she aged faster and looked like an octogenarian even though she was under 60.Although she has worked very hard, there are still many disappointments in her life.Guo suffered from cerebral infarction in 2017 and her husband, Ren Hansheng, died of the disease in 2018.At this time the heavy responsibility of the family and the two children’s life pressure on Guo Min’s body.Her usual income is barely 2,000 yuan a month, plus her pension is only about 3,000 yuan.This money not only has to pay for kindergarten tuition, but also takes care of the children’s clothing, food, housing and transportation, which is often not enough to make ends meet.So Guo had to save on herself. She ate two steamed buns almost every day, but made sure to cook eggs and stir-fry shredded meat for her children.Under her careful care, the two children always received balanced nutrition in spite of the ordinary family conditions.Because of this, Although Guo Min busy busy, but never complained, with children’s life, gave her great satisfaction.Although she even collects garbage sometimes to earn some extra money, she always looks happy and proud on the way to pick up her children every day.Although she is always reluctant to face the fact that her daughter has died, but for the sake of the future of two children, she still forbear the pain, moved into the original school district house decorated with her daughter.When it comes to her children’s future, she often says, half-jokingly but firmly, “I’m going to live to be 100 for my two children.”However, after the two children entered junior high school, they already had some self-care ability, and Guo min’s burden was suddenly reduced.However, the voice on the Internet once again disrupted her peaceful life.Originally, Guo Min’s unusual experience attracted the attention of the outside world. With many media reports, the news of “56-year-old woman giving birth to twins” continued to ferment on the Internet.Among them, everyone is discussing in succession.Some say Guo is too selfish and that the two children are just her sustenance for her dead daughter.Some people say that Guo Min is very brave, can take care of children is a great mother.Others say the couple should be helped so that both twins can thrive.In fact, there is merit in all sides of the argument, as Guo’s actions are indeed highly controversial.First, child rearing is likely to be difficult.According to Article 26 of the Civil Code, “Parents shall have the duty to rear, educate and protect minors”.However, Guo min was 56 when she gave birth, and by the time Ren jiabin and Ren Jiamin came of age, she was 74.Even if she is still alive, taking care of herself, let alone raising her children, is a problem that Guo Min should have thought of at the very beginning.After all, children are innocent, and if they are left unattended, it will do great harm to them.To this, the law has a clear provision, but Guo Min does not think so, although not directly against the law, but also against the spirit of the law.Because of this, the accusations against Guo Min are not unreasonable.In addition, medical limitations made Guo’s move seem risky.According to Roh, when giving birth to a child over the age of 50, it is important to consider not only ethical issues but also the physical health of the child.In the case of older mothers, the nutritional supply of children may not be guaranteed.As we mentioned earlier, twins are born in poorer physical condition than other children born normally.Even once relied on the incubator for a long time. From this point of view, Guo Min should also think twice before making a decision.But support for Guo min has been equally strong, with many even calling her a “heroic mother”.A large number of families in Hunan province who lost their only child have also visited Guo min’s home, hoping to learn from her experience.When asked for help, Guo has always been open to requests.She shared her whole process from pregnancy to childbirth in detail, not only giving practical guidance to the mothers who lost their only child, but also giving them the courage to stand up again.In Hunan, Guo Min is the spiritual support of many people. After all, there are still many parents who cannot give birth naturally. Guo Min’s successful experience undoubtedly provides them with a new way of thinking.In addition, some people held a large online fundraising campaign, which quickly brought Guo a large income.For a short time, Guo Min’s long-term headache was soon solved, and with the help of warm-hearted people, her life gradually went on the right track.To sum up, Guo min is still rushing about for her two children. To her relief, although she lives in an unusual family, the two children are not affected by this and do very well in school.Still, Guo is hesitant when it comes to her future — she fears she won’t live to see her children go to college.So they are also considering whether to send them to technical schools to learn a trade so that they can support themselves early.Of course, it is still too early to talk about these, guo Min family, is still enjoying the current rare happy life.