It’s about imported cold chain food!Heze the six food production and management units were suspended for rectification

2022-07-20 0 By

In accordance with the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control, Heze Market Supervision Bureau to increase the supervision and inspection of imported cold chain food enterprises, adhere to the “eight no” behavior of “zero tolerance”, do find together, shut down for rectification together, public exposure together.Recently, dazhong poster news reporters learned that 6 food production and operation units in our city have been suspended for rectification and are now publicly exposed.Shandong Jiabuye Food Co., Ltd. has problems: the production and operation of imported cold chain food, practitioners beyond the specified date did not do nucleic acid testing.Shandong Huangnigang Food Co., Ltd. has problems: there is no special storage area for imported cold chain food raw materials.Xinwei Food Co., Ltd. has problems: the imported cold chain food has not been stored in a special area, and the employees have not taken nucleic acid tests after the specified date.Problems exist in Chengda food refrigeration plant: there is no special area for storing imported cold chain food.There are problems in Jiahan Aquatic Store in Mudan District: the purchased Ecuadorian quick-frozen shrimp did not report 24 hours in advance, and the “Shandong cold chain” system was not used to complete the information input.There are problems in Shanxian Aishang Food City: the whole leg of the frozen chicken purchased from Brazil was not reported 24 hours in advance, and the information input was not completed by the “Shandong cold chain” system.Here, Heze Market Supervision Administration and Heze imported cold chain food epidemic prevention and control special class to remind the majority of consumers, when buying imported cold chain food, to take the initiative to scan the code to inquire imported cold chain food traceability information, so as to rest assured consumption.If you find illegal food business users such as unlit code sales and incomplete tickets, please complain to the local market regulatory authorities in time.