Ji ‘nan craftsmen copy “Watergate Bridge” 16 days into 72 times smaller miniatures

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Ji ‘nan Times · New Yellow River client reporter Guo Mengtong film “Changjin Lake of watergate Bridge” hit, ignited the patriotic enthusiasm of countless audiences.Li Yizhong, a miniature craftsman in Jinan, recreated the grand scene of watergate Bridge after watching the film.The work is 1.8 meters long, 1 meter wide and 80 centimeters high. It took five people 16 days to make it.Lee said it was the biggest miniatures he had ever done, with the details of broken Bridges and explosions taking a lot of time to paint by hand and the crew often working into the middle of the night.Over the years, Li yizhong has produced many works that reflect the red spirit. As a craftsman, he hopes that the red spirit can be passed on from generation to generation and inspire more young people through his works.On the morning of 10th, the reporter came to Li Yizhong’s studio. The recently completed miniature scene of The Watergate Bridge was placed in the most conspicuous place of the studio.The whole work is 1.8 meters long, 1 meter wide and 80 centimeters high.The overall ratio is 1:72.It looks grand, with details beyond the Watergate Bridge.The huge mountain, the water conservancy substation extending down from the Watergate Bridge and the bridge body form the most magnificent picture in the scene.Some of the miniature figures and the weeds on the mountain are lifelike, small and delicate.”The whole mountain is made from foam board, in addition to general sculpture processing, some trace need make artificially do old war”, the author Li Yizhong tells a reporter, the production process has a lot of “bright spot”, such as dozens of soldiers is a 3 d printing, hydraulic pipe made of pipe materials, the whole mountain weeds by producers from the dry reed separate clusters,You build the details.Mr. Li said the most difficult part to make was the broken section of the Watergate Bridge.”The broken bridge body is not smooth, and there are some wires scattered in disorder. It is not simple in technology, and it takes several days to make a section”. Only such a part took about 8 days to complete.”I wanted to make this work to remind people of this period of history and pay tribute to our old heroes.” Before the film was released, Lee’s team had such an idea. After watching the film, he was deeply moved and decided to implement the idea and recreate the scene in the film.With little to draw on, he was able to find only a blurry photograph, which was printed out as a reference.After watching the film, many of the details were overturned and remade.In Li’s studio, there are several young apprentices who are also involved in the creation process.The reporter saw in the studio that there are a variety of tools for making miniature scenes, including more than 100 kinds of raw materials, including dyes, clay, foam board, and a variety of knife tools, as many as 30 kinds.”Because of making complex, staying up late is the norm”, Li Yizhong said, in order to complete work faster, team members, almost every night to work overtime to about 11 some tiny material making time-consuming, laborious camp tents, such as toilet paper do and mosquito net simulation of barbed wire, in order to present good effect, members can only keep trying and looking for the right material.For a long time, Li Yizhong has been focusing on the scene of the miniature rural hometown. His studio displays the miniature old houses of different regions and different ages, with a strong sense of immersion.Old houses in the southwest of Shandong, caves in Shaanxi, tulou in Fujian, Hui-style homes, and Kang in the northeast…Each piece is full of nostalgia.Miniaturized scenes of the red spirit continued throughout his career.”Before in Linyi did the military and civilian fish and water situation theme of the miniature, also did patriotic scene sculpture for the army”……There are many similar works in red.”Some of our previous works attracted many young people when they were exhibited, which is actually our original intention,” li said, hoping that more people will remember the revolutionary martyrs’ spirit of being selfless on the battlefield, and remember history and original aspiration through the works.