Shanghai: The first batch of nucleic acid screening samples more than 18 million people, the positive detection rate has decreased

2022-07-20 0 By

Wu Jinglei, director of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, said at a press conference on Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control work today that the first nucleic acid tests were mainly conducted in Pudong, Punan and related adjacent areas.Starting at 5 am on March 28, Shanghai imposed lockdown on these areas and organized two nucleic acid screenings within four days, with more than 18 million samples taken.Screening has found a number of positive infected persons, who are being transferred to isolation and treatment.WuJingLei said, from the preliminary analysis results before and after the two screening, positive detection rate declined, preliminary reached the intended target, is through the continuous screening to reduce detection rate, reduce the personnel of real positive, this is cut off as soon as possible will be the spread of coronavirus, curb the spread of the epidemic spread momentum has played a very important role.In the future, Shanghai will also adopt hierarchical, classified, partitioned and grid management measures.(CCTV News)