Through the mountains and rivers to the Pagoda Mountain of Yan ‘an

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# Red-hot Chinese New Year.Several times back to the dream of Yan ‘an, hands hug set pagoda Hill “, more than 70 years ago, the poet He Jingzhi “Back to Yan ‘an”, is so full of passion, win universal praise, let countless people with lofty ideals.At that time, the most fashionable and desirable thing was to go to Northern Shaanxi or Yan ‘an and put your arms around the Pagoda Mountain.It is this poem that marks Yan ‘an forever. The joy of reunion, the passion of battle and the memories of the eventful days are full of infinite affection everywhere.I visited Yan ‘an in October last year, and the red memories accumulated over the years were confirmed here one by one. The inner flow was always warm.They say there should be light in your life and light in your heart.Perhaps, everyone’s heart is buried in a spiritual holy land.It was a light.All the ups and downs of life are led and nourished by this light.Rather than this is a journey of landscape, I would rather say it is a spiritual journey, is the missing of water to the source, a kind of integration into the blood, life together to follow!Now, I finally set foot on this piece of land, I am standing under the Pagoda Mountain, yanshui river.Visited the Jujube garden, Yangjialing, Wangjiaping, as the last scenic spot, I decided to finally embrace the Pagoda Mountain.Although I know, pagoda mountain tower body thick, both hands is hug indefinite!Back then, the Red Army long March to Yan ‘an, took more than a year, and I today to Yan ‘an, only half a day.In a flash, the Red Army was displaced from place to place for a year, I was six hours to complete the great men once cherished wishes.Along the steps, not steep, not long, pagoda Hill appeared in front of my eyes.I do not know the foot of this road, has passed the footsteps of many people, the Red Army that year whether like me, panting.Is this pagoda Hill?Meters of altitude, as in my mind, 44 meters of attic type brick tower, but not my imagination of the lofty.Looking up at the pagoda, the simplicity is still full of solemnity, as at the beginning!Pagoda Hill and pagoda on the mountain of Yan ‘an are the symbol and symbol of the holy land of revolution, integrating natural and cultural landscape as one, carrying historical relics and revolutionary sites as one, standing on its own peak.Other ancient pagodas in the country, can only sigh at the ocean, ashamed!Above the bridge, is away from yenan 25 years of prime minister back to yenan mothering, unfortunately the car stick in the mud, is the fellows in yanan a concerted effort to lift the car to the shore, premier zhou tears, looked at the still poor yanan, thinking of more than 20 years after the founding of the people still need to help old people, premier zhou deeply touched, heart ached, and batch of the fund,This benefit bridge was built for the people of the old area.It was a sunny day in the liberated area.Far away from the pagoda, the dusty yellow earth below has been replaced by cement roads. The barren barren hills, scattered cave dwellings and groups of dirty sheep have all disappeared. Instead, you can see modern high-rises and mansions.Pagoda name, called lingshan temple pagoda, this is to the front just know, probably people do not want to think of, known as pagoda.Since it was once a beacon of revolution, it is no exaggeration to call it a pagoda.I scanned several streets of the small town, as if I was ten years younger, once the yearning, once the sea, after suffering life, in the instant overflow with emotion, maybe the road at the foot, is standing the great man of that year.Plain town, always in front of my eyes, showing a solemn beauty, this is Yan ‘an, like blue and white porcelain, the flawless glaze light.Some things are ageless, such as the path chosen through hardships and the dream of great renewal, because they have become precious memories and spiritual sustenance.Through the gully jungle, loess plateau, vast gobi, boundless desert, memories of the shuttle and the dust of history.We, all the way together!Experience Yan ‘an, face those heaven and earth men, a cavity blood, serve the country, blood pursuit of the ideal, lay down his life for faith.The great spirit they created is still as hard as ever, as sharp as hair, and always shining with an inextinguishable light!Salute!!!Yan!Salute!!!Pagoda Mountain in my heart!