Tianjin Changan CS55 PLUS hot selling, limited time special 8,000 yuan

2022-07-20 0 By

Changan CS55 PLUS, which has been waiting for a long time, has finally reduced its price. Tianjin Xinxing Express Horse Changan Tanggu Store from February 13 to February 13, the shop activity car purchase price will be reduced by 8,000 yuan.Really can’t wait to go to the store to see the style of Changan CS55 PLUS ah promotion time from February 13, 2022 to February 13, 2022 Changan CS55 PLUS latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Tianjin quotation Blue Whale version 1.5TManual deluxe model 92,900 RMB 80,800 RMB 84,900 RMB blue Whale 1.5T DCT Deluxe model 106,900 RMB 80,800 RMB 98,900 RMB Blue Whale 1.5T DCT Deluxe model 113,900 RMB 80,800 RMB 105,900 RMB