“Unveiling” salt Lake magnesium industry technology “breakthrough” about two years

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Salt lake magnesium plant of Qinghai Salt Lake Magnesium Industry Co., LTD.Dehydration unit of Qinghai Salt Lake Magnesium Co., LTD.Qinghai’s first “opening list head” project special session.Since April 2021, Wu Jing, the chief engineer of Shandong Tianli Energy Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Shandong Tianli), and her team have been commuting between Shandong and Golmud, Qinghai province, once or twice a month.Eight hours after starting from Shandong, she would appear in the workshop of Qinghai Salt Lake Magnesium Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as qinghai Salt Lake Magnesium), analyzing and discussing technical problems with production technicians, and busy collecting various data of production operation.Such a journey has lasted for more than eight months. It was on April 19, 2021, that she became connected with qinghai enterprises. It was the “unveiling and leading” project of Qinghai Salt Lake magnesium resources.The Science and technology Department of Qinghai Province and Qinghai Huixin Asset Management Co., Ltd. are using the “strongest” brains of the whole society to solve the development problems with the incentive of special funds.System, aimed at the key core technology to tackle key problems, maximize the mobilization of social intelligence potential, with the fastest speed to find practical solutions.At present, Qinghai is attracting more “high-level talents” through the cooperation of the demand side, the supply side and the service side, breaking the time, region and boundary barriers in attracting talents, helping Qinghai overcome technical problems, injecting vitality into innovation and development, and injecting strength into high-quality development.Demand-side: Qinghai, which is in urgent need of the core technology of magnesium chloride dehydration, is the largest “rich mine” in China’s salt lakes, with rich potassium, magnesium, lithium and other salt resources with huge potential economic value.To overcome the core technology of magnesium chloride dehydration is a worldwide problem.Reported that 100000 tons of electrolytic metal magnesium plant began to run in 2016, at present, brine refining, electrolysis, casting the three unit which can realize stable operation, magnesium chloride dehydrate unit failed to achieve stability, seriously restrict the stable operation of the salt lake magnesium device and reaches producing that amount to mark, which in turn influenced the process metal magnesium integration project.Enterprises have connected with a lot of industry technical experts and scientific research institutions, has not been able to completely solve the “neck” technology, Qinghai Salt Lake Magnesium Co., LTD., deputy director of the R & D room Yang Xiaodong told reporters, they deeply feel the urgency of solving the key technology.Magnesium is the dominant resource in Qarhan Salt Lake, accounting for more than 83% of the reserves in China, mainly in the form of magnesium chloride.As a by-product of potassium chloride production emissions, the annual emissions of tens of millions of tons.For a long time, due to the limitation of technical conditions, magnesium resources in salt lake have not been effectively exploited and utilized, and also become the “magnesium harm” restricting the development of other resources in salt lake.In April 2021, the department of qinghai province to fully consult domestic expert opinion, with the consent of qinghai province people’s government, decided to the salt lake old marinating prepared anhydrous magnesium chloride key technology “as” JieBang 1 “first project in qinghai province, the key research to solve the salt lake brine adaptability research and refining the content such as raw materials, optimization of bischofite dehydration plant production demonstration line,To achieve the standard and stable operation of production.On April 19, 2021, qinghai Salt Lake Magnesium Resource “unveiling and leading” project was jointly launched by Qinghai Provincial Department of Science and Technology and Qinghai Huixin Asset Management Co., Ltd. to recruit talents and talents nationwide.After dozens of times, Shandong Tianli Energy Co., Ltd. became the first unit in Qinghai province to unveil the “list unveiling” project in 2021.After more than eight months, the technical problems of magnesium chloride dehydration generation line have been effectively analyzed, the technical optimization and rectification scheme has been approved, and the enterprise has begun to organize and implement relevant schemes.”The enterprises introduced by ‘opening the list’ have both industry matching and technology frontier, so that those who have the ability to win and those who have the technology can benefit, so that enterprises can quickly find the ‘exit’ to overcome problems.”Provincial science and technology department planning and resource allocation management department said.Supplier: cut to the production technology “key” to promote industrial breakthrough Shandong Tianli dare to “hero post”, from their own strong scientific research strength of the “bottom”.After 30 years of quenching, this enterprise gathers numerous scientific research resources and shapes its distinctive and unique quality.It is understood that this is a set of technology research and development, engineering design, equipment manufacturing as one of the drying technology co., LTD., under the shandong Academy of Sciences of high-tech enterprise company.They take energy saving and drying engineering technology as the core, energy saving and environmental protection as the direction of industrial development, focusing on technology development, engineering design, core equipment manufacturing and engineering implementation.”We know that magnesium chloride dehydration process is the crux of the main problem of qinghai Salt Lake magnesium industry electrolytic magnesium metal device, is the ‘neck’ technical problem that restricts the linkage operation of the whole device.We will focus on research of magnesium chloride dehydrate technique, high altitude environment to solve golmud climate, altitude and source of raw materials such as the impact of factors on the magnesium chloride dehydration technology, focuses on a dehydration granulation trajectory control, flow field of secondary dehydration process equipment control, protected by the three sections of hydrogen chloride gas dehydration technology content, such as optimization of bischofite dehydration plant production demonstration line,In order to achieve the standard to achieve stable operation.”Wu Jing said.Since April 2021, the shandong days force in line with “demand orientation, problem oriented, application oriented” principle, in order to maintain resilience castle peak does not relax, dares to the attitude of “the true face difficult problems” to find solve the various problems and difficulties in the process of production, formed “spearhead of JieBang scientific research working group”, sinking enterprise a gleam of on-the-spot investigation, visit enterprise nearly twenty times,Through accurate docking, in-depth analysis, find the root cause of technical problems, and ultimately provide effective optimization and rectification plan for the production of enterprises.The project is expected to complete all scientific research tasks by the end of 2022.”The project is not only a concrete measure by the provincial Science and technology Department to actively respond to the major concerns of the state, but also an effective measure to truly solve the ‘bottleneck’ technical problems of qinghai Salt lake industry.Once overcome, this technology will fundamentally reverse salt lake magnesium industry green arrested development situation, fully release magnesium metal production capacity, through electrolytic metal magnesium, magnesium alloy industry chain, world-class for accelerating the construction of qinghai salt lake industry base to make positive contribution, magnesium metal for the future is the adjustment of production structure will be of great practical significance.”Salt lake industry experts said.The government: The United Force project runs the “acceleration” “unveil the list” through the demand of enterprises, science and technology departments, the research and development strength of the innovation subject “unveil”, strong cooperation, jointly carry out the project technology, solve problems, stimulate the vitality of scientific and technological innovation.”The list comes from the problems faced by enterprises. Whether it can be solved is directly related to the survival of enterprises and the development of the industry.The head of the list was the key driver of the company.Provincial science and technology department planning and resource allocation management department said.The conventional way of reporting guidelines issued, “JieBang headed” focus on key areas of qinghai province key core technology and the need of scientific and technological achievements of industrial development, through the government, the point collection technical requirements, technical evaluation, technical research, issued by the administrative department of science and technology achievements transformation JieBang task, we organized social forces JieBang,Solve the key core technology and achievement transformation problems of various industries and industry fields in Qinghai.”He who unites forces is invincible.”The provincial Department of Science and Technology has been constantly exerting the efficiency of the government’s overall planning and integration of superior resources, and comprehensively promoting the integrated development of “politics, industry, learning, research, finance, service and application”.In the interview, Yang Xiaodong also said that “opening the list” not only built a good platform for communication between enterprises and innovation subjects, more importantly, professional services make each other more “understand” each other, easier to achieve cooperation.Predictably, the spearhead of JieBang act is break the barrier of the time and region, boundary, the building is not only a kind of mechanism, especially in qinghai province on the basis of science and technology, bonding closer to the scientific research and industry, more accurate research direction, make the research more ground, more can meet the demand of enterprise, to explore cutting-edge technology to provide new vitality.From April 2021 to September 2021, in half a year, the first project of “ranking unveiling” in Qinghai completed the perfect landing from ranking issuing, demonstration to ranking unveiling.On December 28, 2021, the review meeting of implementation plan of the project of “Opening list” “Research and Application of Key Technologies for preparation of Anhydrous Magnesium Chloride from Salt Lake Old Brine” was held in Xining.Shandong Tianli Energy Co., Ltd. and the project team reported the scientific research results obtained in numerical simulation calculation, drying kinetics analysis, chemical reaction thermodynamic analysis, environmental factors influence analysis and engineering design for the core technology of the third stage of chlormagnesite dehydration process in salt lake water.Now, demand-oriented, “who can”, to activate the transformation of achievements, let “scientists lead the expedition, entrepreneurs lean entrepreneurship” is becoming a trend in Qinghai.The relevant person in charge of provincial department of planning and resource allocation management, said “JieBang 1” in the future will be normalized, constantly sum up experience, do deep, real, productive, in order to promote the qinghai to speed up the pace of transformation of scientific and technological achievements, in the development of science and technology innovation drive industry surging tide of wade out a road of innovation in qinghai, provide powerful technological support for construction of qinghai!(Photo provided by Qinghai Salt Lake Magnesium Co., LTD.) 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