Was shell to “fried wake up”, lithium surge!

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Today A shares three index collective low open, but after the opening in the weight of the plate under the drive, the three indexes all low shock up, the whole disk gradually picked up.Late in the afternoon, Ukrainian forces fired mortars and rocket launchers on four residential areas of Luhansk.Affected by the news, the stock index fell sharply during the session, causing some investors to panic risk aversion, but it steadied its mood in the afternoon to close higher.Stocks in the two cities rose less and fell more, more than 2,900 stocks fell, more than 1,500 stocks rose, the median rise or fall back to -0.14%.Theme hype, salt lake lithium, lithium battery, phosphorus chemical, precious metals, environmental protection and other concepts are hot today, the concept of infrastructure differentiation throughout the day.The number of stocks dropped to 50+, afternoon more than a stock fried board, two cities fried board rate of nearly 50%, a new high, market heat significantly cooling.The turnover of the two markets was more than 900 billion yuan, a significant increase of nearly 100 billion yuan compared with the previous trading day, the volume mainly occurred in the afternoon, is it possible that the Ukrainian artillery shells to part of the pretending to be dead of the capital to “blow up”.Northbound funds, net buying 1.7 billion today, shenzhen stock connect ended the previous trend of net outflows, today turned to a small net buying.On the disk, the cycle stock, especially the non-ferrous plate, has become the main force of the stable index today, and the subject stock speculation switch, capital chasing new hot spots, early hot spots such as tourism and hotel catering was hit.The “strongest ever” Minutes of the Federal Reserve meeting were released last night, raising expectations of a March rate rise but giving no indication of whether it would be 25 or 50 points.At the same time, the minutes did not specify when to start shrinking the balance sheet.Markets took this as a sign that the Fed was dovish and had no intention of accelerating tightening.As there is no more than expected content in the short term, the trend of the US stock market is a little bearish meaning, the S&P 500 also turned red to close, the future will enter the stage of tracking the us inflation trend.Short-term external risks seem to have been fully priced, there are still half a month to hold the national two sessions, social finance data strong, domestic CPI, PPI contraction, bank lending rates continue to decline……Overall, today is an index all day concussion and the trend of stocks fell, the rebound is mainly from the group of track stocks, in a sense, is the institution in the track stocks continued to fall after the launch of self-help market.The rally continues, but one of the oddities is that during the rally, the number of stocks that rose was outnumbered by the number of stocks that fell, a remarkable divergence.The year of 2022 is a period of steady growth. In contrast to the two rounds of steady growth in 2019 and 2020, each major index ushered in a wave of rise after a quarter of sharp decline.The index’s current decline is very close to that of the fourth quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2020.Overall, now may have a wave of structural market conditions, into the time window to do more.The average after-tax profit margin for the Fortune 500 over the past decade was 4.7%, and 6.6% for the biggest 500 German family-owned firms.For 40 years we have been used to double, more than 50 percent growth. This is an illusion and may develop into an illusion. When growth drops below 6 percent, a new situation will emerge.Moo this year New Year with former classmates, friends chat, the general mood is relatively low, not the income is reduced is worried about times the layoff, or money not to come back, feel bitter life is not to some media said that immediately will be another village.Munger says the return on long-term stock ownership is roughly equal to the return on equity of the company.If you hold a company for a long time, what matters is whether it can remain competitive in the face of a complex economic downturn for a long time to come, and what is the return on equity it can achieve.