When her second child’s mother couldn’t pick dabao up at school, the “little Bee” became a “temporary grandmother”.

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This official account (FXKJWX) is the official wechat account of Fengxian District Science and Technology Committee, providing fengxian science and technology policy, innovation and entrepreneurship environment, smart city construction, all kinds of popular science information push services.Fengxian science and technology commission official website (https://www.fengxian.gov.cn/kw/), welcome to browse the collection.”Aunt Liu, thank you for helping me pick up Wenwen.”On the morning of February 17, the first day of the new semester, CAI CAI (pseudonym) is saying goodbye to Liu Suqin and her daughter Wenwen at the door of a family in Xidu Street Xianghe Garden community. Liu Auntie helps CAI CAI pick up and drop off their children, caring for them like a grandmother.CAI CAI, the mother of her second child, has been worried recently. Bao has to go to kindergarten. Xiao Bao has just been born and no one takes care of her at home.Liu Suqin is a member of the “little Bee” volunteer team of Xidu Street Zha Yuan Residence Committee. She has retired and is very enthusiastic. She can always be seen doing public welfare work in the community.One day, Aunt Liu saw CAI CAI’s face was very bad, and her hands were cold. After some communication, she learned that CAI CAI had just given birth to two treasures not long ago. She should have been sitting in the baby at home, but she had no one to pick up the baby from school, so she had to pick him up personally.In the winter standing in the cold wind medium dabao school, the wind blowing face is very poor, the lips are white, the woman in the month is weak, once the month is not sitting well is very easy to fall the root of the disease, Liu aunt is to see in the eyes pain in the heart.”CAI CAI, if you rest assured that Liu aunt, pick up the child’s business to me, anyway, aunt usually also idle, you good at home to sit in the month.”Liu auntie clenched CAI CAI’s hand said.CAI CAI already eyes red, heart is full of gratitude, did not expect around such a good neighborhood “Aunt Liu, really thank you, I will give you the shuttle fee.””Aunt not to your money to help you, the computation is very understand, I also like her, we are live in a neighborhood that was helping each other is should, I am also a mother, I can understand your mood, if you have any difficulties can and aunt said, aunt can help I will help, I believe that after I have difficulty,I’m sure you’ll help me no matter what.”Aunt Liu said.In this way, with the help of Aunt Liu, wen Wen’s shuttle problem has been effectively solved, CAI CAI also at home, take care of two treasure.It is volunteers like Aunt Liu who play a soft shoulder to make the community more warm and harmonious. “Since I am a volunteer, I will always remember to serve everyone.”Liu suqin said it was her duty.Written by Tang Yijing (Xidu Street) Editor: He Yuxin source: Shanghai Fengxian END Fengxian Technology