World of Warcraft TBC: Haijal Mountain escape pit secret book, priest has magic effect, open land don’t touch the repair group

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Finally P3 stage to enter the formal opening time, along with updated January 28 players can officially open P3 stage moment of forest, and the forest is dark temple after order to mount hyjal, and the temple mount hyjal and dark, but according to the rules of two group of this if you want to play the dark temple must first played mount hyjal,So there will be a lot of players going to Heikal Mountain tomorrow, so what are the skills or special mechanics of this team?Through several rounds of PTR testing, players have reached a consensus that P3 is not difficult. Indeed, neither of the two groups in P3 is the most difficult stage, especially compared with P2, the difficulty will be much lower, so it is possible to further increase the army of this stage.Some strange things have been found in the current preparation situation, as the number of people who have been recruited to open doors has decreased significantly, while the number of g-regiment commanders who have been equipped has increased.As the most volatile is tu magic potion, affected by the version from the BOSS of the medicament prices rise again, a few days ago when most of the prices are hovering around 5 g coin, and recent tu magic potion to maintain the price of above 5 g coin, but some tu magic potion batch sell price will be relatively lower.The price of ghost mushrooms is also fluctuating, but don’t stock up on potions these days because prices plummet as soon as you open the land so you can buy but don’t stock up.The players need to be careful and alert this time some private chat and public information on the screen, because every new phase after open is the most need chop players stage, the group to which is the difficulty or open task difficulty is too high led to some players stuck, so they must find ribs or some studio help together,So some of these information is true information and some is false information, when looking for some must be careful to avoid being cheated.For the moment the shaman can to wait for a while in the rise, because in P3 stage especially the priest will work wonders in mount hyjal, some players you are measured in the PTR discovered one thing, the small mount hyjal strange psychic can be our own dark priest for mind control, and their teammates to use evil cult skills to us,However, it is not ruled out that it will be fixed in official P3, if it is not, then physical DPS will definitely rise at this stage.Remote professional very not willing to see a thing, but it is becoming a reality, I see a lot of remote professional players in said entered the stage of P3 the melee career began to rise gradually, originally you think P3 stage should have brand to join, but for now P3 stage brand ranks as the Arabian nights, join the TBCHowever, due to the BOSS mechanic changes, there will still be a place for melee classes in this stage of output, but don’t touch rogues and rampage unless you have a mine at home, but don’t go to the repair group at all costs during the clearing phase!Many players should know, because we were doing the dark temple found a problem when I open the task is, one mission, called old artifact, but if you want to complete the task must be to beat the number one BOSS reggie determination of mount hyjal, so we must get through to enter the dark temple mount hyjal,So don’t go to the mechanic group at this time, if you do go to the mechanic group, you will not enter the temple of darkness in the first week.However, it is up to players to decide whether to join the advanced vehicle group, after all, P3 will be the Chinese New Year, it seems that you can only choose between the game and the festival, if you don’t want to go to the temple of darkness in the first week, then hijal mountain repair group seems to be the best choice for us.The best thing to do at this point is to buy in small quantities if you are short of potions, but don’t stock up on materials at any cost, as you will lose money if the price drops.