1-2!The main force of Chinese women’s football team born at 20 years old!27 appearances + the first guest defeat, shui Qingxia cultivation

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With the continuous expansion of The Chinese women’s football team studying abroad, the dynamic of many women’s football stars has been concerned by the fans. Almost every week, there will be new results of the women’s football players studying abroad on the European match day.Look from the performance of the latest week, Tang Jiali in the premier league squad, coach gave only 20 minutes, Tang Jiali 76 minutes played, although there is no getting shot, but through positive movement creates opportunities for his team-mates, but unfortunately, the spurs eventually losing 1-0 to Manchester city at home, not being able to finish the points of the target before.Similarly, shen Mengyu, another overseas Chinese player, also played in the SPL match, and still started, but ended up losing like Tang.At Glasgow city SPL 20 rounds, the celtics to the league powerhouse level, currently ranked first, championship, and away game, the celtics’ pressure, Shen Mengyu played the first half, with teammates tacit cooperation, midfielder can effective attacks, can intercept the opponent’s quick counterattack in the first time, but the overall strength of the Celtic people generally,Glasgow’s defence is solid, too.In the end, The Celtics swallowed the 2-1 loss, which was acceptable because of the strength difference.It is worth mentioning that this is the 27th game of the season for Shen mengyu, which shows the importance of his position in the team. Moreover, the coach sent his strongest team this time against the top of the league, but Shen still started the game, which also proves his absolute position.In addition to assists, Shen Mengyu also has 3 goals in the account, the overall performance is commendable.Shen mengyu, 20, started her overseas career in July last year amid speculation that playing abroad at such a young age would take some time to adjust, even from the echelon team.Now, half a year time has passed, Shen Mengyu grasped a team of opportunities, from the appearance of data, Shen Mengyu has a firm foothold.Shen Mengyu is still young and has an optimistic development prospect. His future goal will be to play in the top five European leagues.In addition, to join the Chinese women’s team is also the goal of Shen Mengyu, the latter from the women’s football in Shanghai, and now the Chinese women’s team coach ShuiQingXia is also from the women’s football in Shanghai, to understand Shen Mengyu relatively, as long as you keep in the Europa league, a higher rate in the future in the team is also follow, believe ShuiQingXia will also give Shen Mengyu chance.For more exciting content, come to Bemener photo source: Internet Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are solely those of Bemener.Beimen strives for the accuracy and completeness of the content, but if the actual situation prevails, beimen will not be liable for any consequences arising from the use of this article.The final interpretation of the article belongs to the hundred number and the author of the article.