Chongqing Wolves let a chase three, really “everything less than the demon knife”, Guangzhou TTG protection S group are difficult

2022-07-21 0 By

This season’s S group is really too terrible, Wuhan eStar is now can not easily overcome the devil king, chongqing Wolves strength is also increased, Foshan GK has blood and momentum, strength is not weak, Changsha, Guangzhou TTG and XYG are actually very dangerous.Today’s game is Chongqing Wolves and Guangzhou TTG, a whole look down, can only say that the Wolves or the familiar wolves, let a chase three strength, the wind of the demon knife is too top, and Guangzhou TTG is now difficult to protect S group.A lot of people say that the magic of Chongqing Wolves is that no matter what team they play with, it is 55 open, but now it is not the same, wolves and stronger than their own team, may be 55 open, but with their weak team, it will be a crushing game.Just like today’s game, in addition to the first small game, the rest of the game, Wolves will operate, team warfare to the extreme, it can be seen that the off-season is hard work, can be in group S team, must have their own advantages.Especially today’s demon Blade, the performance is so amazing, because of the existence of Fly, wolves, in fact, many people ignore the shooter demon blade, the strength of the demon blade, in the league’s current shooter, is absolutely one of the two.For example, gongsun li in the last game said that the hero would be beaten in the group battle in the late stage, but the demon knife is not the same, he can not only kill the opposite side of the game against the wind, but also defend the dragon King in the battle for the storm, not to be grabbed by the opposite side.Want to know, guangzhou TTG otherwise but famous taming dragon master, Gongsun can get the dragon, the timing is very accurate.In addition to take the storm dragon King, the demon gongsun from the team is also very powerful, delicate walk to help him complete high output, others from Gongsun may directly evaporate, but the demon gongsun from not only can play, but also can become the key to reverse the situation.Commentary said that “everything is not as good as the demon knife”, this sentence is not false, the demon knife’s archer is really too strong, was ignored before, there should be more people remember him in the future.In fact, when it comes to this team, many fans hope they can win the championship. Last year, GUANGZHOU TTG3 entered the finals for several times, but did not reach the top. For them, the championship is the only goal.They can stand on the highest stage, but always one step away from the champion, said they are weak, in fact, not weak, but almost, it is a pity.According to the current situation, the teams in group S are getting stronger. Guangzhou TTG lost against E-Star and Wolf Team. If this goes on, it will be difficult to keep group S.That for GUANGZHOU TTG, really blow confidence.Dear friends, what changes do you think GUANGZHOU TTG needs to make to achieve their goals?Leave a comment in the comments section.