“Hua Yu Poetry” Lu Song | A Gust of Wind (the other one)

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A gust of wind the author | road pine virus virus like the wind you quietly here because of you the quiet street people sick like a life in order to beat you all party members and cadres has experienced sleepless night patrol the streets they surmount keep free point squat intersection in order to conquer you,Myriad children never leave home car is not on the road they carry out the party’s policy in response to the party’s call to conquer you countless volunteers shed sweat wet clothes all these all is because you hateful virus I hope you quickly leave a gust of wind on January 20, 2022 war outbreak author | road pine sudden blast situation, according to in the front.Wife calls to ask which line, cold wind steps in a hurry.Crown poison ruthless party sentient beings, a command in retrograde.Oath to the early victory of poison, until the flowers in full bloom.You and I love each other more, communist true hero!Jan 20, 2022 Author: Lu Song, a civil servant, literature lover.Past wonderful war song of plague | | outbreak, angang children in combat wan-shun wang | zhouyi thought enlightenment to the outbreak of plague song | | look at war song of plague | | the brightest star in the night sky song of disease resistance | | before dawn of war s forest “to the” hua yu accept submissions for a long time,Please send your manuscript to 616507838@qq.com or send your intention of submission through the background.”The Forest of Hua Yu” cultural information platform welcomes your attention to click on the text after reading the original text into the message discussion area if you like, click to see