Ignoring China’s goodwill!China’s defence ministry has hit back at Australia’s threat to send troops to the Taiwan Strait if the People’s Liberation Army reclaims Taiwan

2022-07-21 0 By

Since Russian troops entered Ukraine, many western countries have been desperately advocating that “the Chinese mainland wants to take over Taiwan”.The biggest dancers of all are America and its little brother, Australia.The United States and Australia are in tune, not only with rhetoric, but also with plans to extend the tentacles of force across the Taiwan Strait.It is reported that Australia’s assistant defence minister recently told the outside world that Australia’s recent military expansion is to prepare for the deployment of troops to the Taiwan Sea if The Chinese mainland recollects Taiwan.Over the years, the Taiwan issue has always been an excuse for the US and its younger brother to point fingers at China’s internal affairs, and the recent remarks by the Australian Assistant Defense Minister have clearly extended his tentacles to China’s red line.”If Australia persists, it must be prepared to pay a heavy price for interfering in China’s internal affairs,” Said Wu Qian, a spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense.National defense has always been the most basic guarantee of national security, and China’s dignity as a major country tolerates no provocation from other countries.Taiwan is China’s inviolable territory and the recent remarks by the Australian government are tantamount to a “declaration of war” against China.Australia, which used to follow the tail of the United States, suddenly has the courage to confront China, which is not unrelated to the strategic contraction of the United States in the world. However, if Australia does not repent, it will surely get beaten by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army instead of hegemony.The Australian government plans to expand its armed forces by a third over the next 20 years and increase military spending to 2% of the economy.The Australian government’s plan is to spend tens of billions of dollars on its military, including building an army and a nuclear submarine base in the east. This is an aggressive military expansion, and the reason is still the so-called “China threat theory” favored by western politicians.Australia used to be one of China’s important foreign trade partners, but after becoming the vanguard of anti-China, its relations with China have dropped to a freezing point.Australia’s economic situation has not been good since China’s response, and the Australian government has sought to restore relations with China.But China will hardly understand or forgive Mr Morrison for his repeated provocations while coveting the dividends of trade with China.Not long ago Australia arrogantly said it would not receive the Chinese ambassador unless China was willing to resume high-level dialogue with Australia.It seems that Morrison’s thinking is still stuck in “the era when he was a great power” and expects China to “voluntarily admit its mistakes”. It makes people sigh that “adult times have changed” and China’s domestic and foreign affairs will be determined by the Chinese people themselves.Part of the news sources: Huanqiu, China news network