Jingjian School of Lengshuitan district held fire emergency evacuation drill

2022-07-21 0 By

Today yongzhou news (correspondent Wang Ju Lei Xiaohua he Wenqing) On the afternoon of March 14, Yongzhou Lengshuitan District Jingjian school held a fire emergency evacuation drill, aiming to further improve the awareness of all teachers and students of fire safety, as well as in the event of disaster emergency evacuation, safe escape ability.The drill began with sixth to eighth grade students and ninth grade boarders conducting an orderly emergency evacuation after the alarm sounded, simulating how to escape and save themselves in the event of a fire filled with smoke.Students bent, cat step, cover their mouths and noses with wet towels or sleeves, according to the scheduled evacuation route, orderly and fast from the classroom or dormitory to the safe area (playground) formation.The fire instructor explained the fire escape and self-rescue, the initial fire fighting, the use of fire extinguishers and other fire safety knowledge.Teachers and students held fire extinguishers and experienced fire fighting on the spot.Principal Pan Ming ai made a summary speech, he once again emphasized the safety evacuation process should pay attention to the problem, and in the face of danger how to ensure their own and other people’s personal safety precautions, and asked the students to put fire knowledge into practical life, so that fire safety always accompanied.After the evacuation drill, many students said that such a special experience would make them calm in the event of a fire.The school also invited fire instructors to conduct fire safety knowledge training for all teachers, popularizing some basic fire knowledge and escape methods and matters needing attention.Safety is more important than mount Tai.Beijing jian the school attaches great importance to the campus security work, in order to ensure life safety as the first priority in our school and school emergency escape evacuation drill through regular activity, all the teachers and students have mastered in danger out fast, and the basic methods of aid and communal, enhance the consciousness of disaster prevention, disaster reduction, all the teachers and students to create a safe and harmonious campus environment for school laid a good foundation.