Mengla County Development and Reform Bureau of Xishuangbanna Prefecture recruitment for public Welfare positions in 2022 notice

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The Mengla County Development and Reform Bureau plans to recruit 2 staff members for public welfare positions.(1) Abide by national laws and regulations, conduct, no criminal record.(2) Mengla County urban household registration, difficult employment and continuous unemployment for more than one year, college degree or above, no restrictions on major.(3) Have certain document writing ability and organization and coordination ability, can skillfully operate computer daily office software.Hard-working spirit, love and dedication, obey management, obey arrangement.Three, the implementation of the mengla county direct organs and institutions hired public welfare post personnel of the relevant policies and provisions.(I) Registration time: February 15th — April 15th, 2022.(2) Registration method and materials: Please bring the identification certificate of persons with employment difficulties, hukou, ID card, original and copy of graduation certificate, resume and other relevant certificates to the site or online registration within the registration time.Please fill in the attachment: Mengla County Development and Reform Bureau public Welfare position recruitment registration form, send to the mailbox ( offline registration, please fill in the attached form and register at mengla County Development and Reform Bureau (Room 104, 1st floor, Human Building, Mengla County Administrative Center).Appendix: Mengla County Development and Reform Bureau Public Welfare Position recruitment registration form docx Mengla County Development and Reform Bureau February 15, 2022