Second in history!Spring Festival film box office of 6 billion + zhejiang province ranked the third

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According to Maoyan Professional, the box office for the Spring Festival period (Jan 31 to Feb 6) was 6.036 billion yuan, with 114 million tickets sold and 3.128 million screenings.The total box office of the Spring Festival in 2022 ranks second in Chinese film history, following that of 2021 (7.842 billion yuan).The top three grossing films of the season are Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake, The Killer Is Not Too Cool, and Miracle Stupid Kid.During the period, a total of 233,800 films were shown in Zhejiang, accounting for 7.48% of the national Spring Festival market, with a box office of 430 million yuan, ranking the third in the country, with a total audience of 7.41 million.According to statistics, the box office of eight cities, including Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Jiaxing, Jinhua and Shaoxing, entered the top 60 in China, among which Hangzhou ranked the first in the province and the tenth in the country.In terms of box office, unlike last year’s Spring Festival, there will be no “single monopoly” in 2022.The movie changjin Lake, which was released during the National Day holiday in 2021, has raked in 5.775 billion yuan so far, making it the highest-grossing film in Chinese history, according to Maoyan Professional.”Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” continued its “popular style” pattern, leading the pack at the box office, taking 2.532 billion yuan to become the top box office during the Spring Festival.As of press release, it ranked 17th in the total box office of Chinese films.”Watergate Bridge” also broke three film records, which were the pre-sale box office records for a drama in the past three years, a war film in the past three years and a historical film in the past three years.”The Man” came in second with 1.391 billion yuan, followed by “Miracle” with 669 million yuan, “Boonie Bears Returns to Earth” with 562 million yuan and “Four Oceans” with 474 million yuan.It is worth noting that while the film market in the Year of the Tiger “got off to a good start”, the higher ticket prices for the Spring Festival period from the beginning of the pre-sale period were widely criticized and even hit the top of the list.According to Maoyan Professional, the average ticket price for the 2022 Spring Festival is 52.8 yuan nationwide.In 2021 and 2019, the average ticket price will be 48.9 yuan and 44.7 yuan, respectively.Relevant departments also made timely guidance and advice, and after the third day of the New Year, the industry and cinemas responded by cutting ticket prices urgently.New mainstream films, which have attracted widespread attention over the past year, continue to make a strong showing during this Spring Festival, which has “boosted our spirits” and also shown the further improvement of China’s film industry.”Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” echoes with “Changjin Lake” in narrative, telling the story of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army soldiers in the ice and snow desperate place, with iron will three blast the Watergate Bridge.”Watergate Bridge is an upgrade from the original, with a stronger story and stronger emotions,” said Yu Dong, director and chief producer of The film and chairman of Bona Film Group.”Sniper,” directed by Zhang Yimou, is the first Chinese film to be based on the real-life exploits of a group of sharpshooters involved in the “Cold Shot” movement.Starting from the aspect of the war, this film presents the war of resistance to the United States and Assistance to Korea from a unique perspective, aiming at each ordinary and vivid individual volunteer army, which has won a high reputation.”The Killer is not too cool” explains that as long as the “minor” as long as persistence, kindness, as long as always have love, can achieve a good life.As the only pure comedy film in the Spring Festival, many audiences want to watch it with their families to feel the lively and festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival.(Hangzhou Cinema during the Spring Festival) Miracle · Stupid Kid shows the miracle of Shenzhen city from the perspective of “individual” miracle, focusing on ordinary people struggling to live in Shenzhen from a warm perspective, highlighting the strong spirit of ordinary people to fight against defeat.Liu Haibo, a professor at the Shanghai Film Academy of Shanghai University, said both Sniper and Miracle Stupid Are highly finished, technically sophisticated and vividly narrated.The two films focus on the fate of individuals in the big era, not only the cruelty of gun to gun and bullet to bullet, but also the discussion about life and survival, which provides a lot of experience for the creation of new mainstream films in the future.