The Nemesis of opportunity is hesitation

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Opportunity a Jewish story about opportunity, it’s worth thinking about.A rich man lost a precious pet dog, so, he sent a looking for a dog in the TV station notice: “lost dog, returned, pay 10,000 yuan”;Meanwhile, a color photo of a dog fills the screen.After the notice was sent, there was an endless stream of people giving the dog away, but none of them belonged to the rich man.The rich man’s wife said, “The man who found the dog must have thought it was too little. It was a pure Irish dog!”So they increased the fee to 20,000 yuan.It turned out that the man who had found the dog was a beggar.He didn’t see the first notice in time, but he was overjoyed to see that he would get $20,000 for returning the dog.Beggars have never had such good fortune in their lives, you know.But when he returned the reward the next day with the dog in his arms, he saw that the reward on the screen had changed to 30,000 yuan.On second thoughts, he thought, the fee was rising fast. If I had waited, I could have gotten more.On the fourth day, the fee went up again.Over the next few days, the beggar tied up his dog in his cave and stared at the screen.When the reward had risen to a level that surprised the whole town, the beggar smiled with satisfaction and prepared to run back to get the dog for money.Sadly, the dog had died.The Bible says in Ecclesiastes, “Then I saw under the sun that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor bread to the wise, nor riches to the wise, nor joy to the skilful;But time and opportunity happeneth to them all.Opportunity came, can not hesitate, otherwise fleeting after all gone!