The weirdest displays of wealth on earth

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Women, in general, have a vain nature.The superiority of the mind cannot be satisfied if one has in his hand something unknown to others.Back in 2011, Guo meimei lost her reputation for flaunting her wealth too much.Compared with Guo Meimei, The butterfly effect caused by South Korea’s little sister Zheng Weina is even worse.In 2016, a photo appeared on Social media in South Korea.In the photo, a young and beautiful woman riding on a horse, valiant riding performance.Equestrian is originally a noble sport, coupled with the beautiful woman, this photo soon attracted the attention of the public, who is the beautiful woman?Every human being is curious.The woman’s name was Chung Weena, a student at Ewha University in South Korea.Ewha Womans University is one of South Korea’s most prestigious and exclusive schools, with students of both the rich and the wealthy.The school has produced eight Korean first ladies and is known as the cradle of first ladies.At this time, a sharp-eyed equestrian enthusiast noticed that the horse Weina cheng was riding had a big name.It is a grand prix winning horse worth more than one billion won.Wow, famous university, famous horse, beautiful woman, Weina Zheng’s life life is hanging enough to eat melon people’s appetite.We all want to know, whose princess is this?You know, a horse with a pure pedigree, you can’t just get your hands on it.Many people left comments online, questioning the horse’s history and also wondering about Ms. Cheng’s history.These questions, concerns, inevitably some radical words.Weina cheng herself is a spoiled little sister, can not stand everyone’s doubts.”You poor people, you can only go home and blame your ancestors,” she wrote in response to netizens.Now, by the South Korean chaebol pan pounded “toiling masses” not to do, rich is great ah, why bother to humiliate others.Netizens have taken action, digging three feet, also want to little sister Zheng Weina’s bottom out.The strength of unity is infinite.Under the net friend’s deep dig, Cheng Weina’s bottom was shaken clean, just like being stripped of clothes exposed to the sun.It was discovered that Chung was admitted to Ewha University as an equestrian student.However, ewha University did not have an admission qualification for equestrian students.That is to say, the identity of equestrian talent is tailored for Zheng Weina.What’s more, according to the rules, equestrian athletes are supposed to win a gold medal at national level before entering school, but Zheng won her gold medal after entering school.At this time, ewha university students came forward to reveal that Chung never attended school, but successfully received credits;Her homework is full of loopholes, but also in the exercise book to write dirty words, biao swear words;A professor warned about Zheng’s behavior, and within days the professor was sacked.In order to make zheng weina graduate, the school actually asked some professors to fill in the answers on the test paper for her.How the school admits students with such bad behavior and misbehavior;How can a student who corrupts the school’s spirit and discipline succeed in graduation?It’s a classic case of the rich and powerful buying and selling degrees.If left unchecked, the reputation of a century-old university will collapse.The students were outraged; they did not want to be schoolmates with such a student.Ewha university students took action spontaneously, posted posters and marched around the campus to expose Chung’s ugly behavior and protest against the school’s favouretism.Instead, the school called in the police to beat up the students and arrested 10 of the leaders.Rather than quench the students’ anger, the police clampdown only intensified it, leading to larger protests.Zheng Weina is what divine, the school and the police actually went to great lengths to protect?Persistent netizens found a photo of Chung and her mother choi Soon-sil on the Internet.Naturally, the attention of the public is focused on Choi soon-sil. People want to know what kind of princess Chung Is, and why her mother Choi Soon-sil has such great power.Because public documents show that Choi soon-sil is just a civilian.This is a far cry from the fact that Chung is showing off.Such a family, no matter how you look at it, does not seem to have the power to control the wind and rain.That is, until Internet trawlers dug up the photo.In the photo, a young Choi soon-sil appeared at an event with park Geun-hye, then South Korea’s president, smiling and in high spirits.Netizens further developed the spirit of following the trail.In many netizens broke the news, Chung Weina, Choi Soon-sil, Park Geun-hye, Choi Soon-sil’s father Choi Tae-min was placed on the operating table anatomy, a trace of the show in front of the public.Choi’s father, Choi Tae-min, was a famous religious leader in Korea who founded the Eternal Life Religion by combining Buddhism and Catholicism during the Japanese occupation of Korea.Choi tae-min, dressed as a “religious leader,” often visited the official residence of Park Chung-hee, then President Park Geun-hye’s father, as a guest.In other words, Park geun-hye and Choi Soon-sil have been close friends since childhood.The relationship between the two families is hotter than steamed buns.Choi tae-min has a legendary history of five marriages.To Park, Choi tae-min is a respected predecessor, spiritual mentor and godfather.Park geun-hye was inconsolable when her mother was assassinated in 1974.Choi tae-min came to Park and told her, Your mother had a dream with me. You will become the first person in Korea.Five years later, Choi correctly predicted the assassination of Park geun-hye’s father.Park Geun-hye, who lost her parents’ protection, has deep trust and dependence on Choi tae-min.Under choi’s influence, Park became a devout Catholic, and Choi became her godfather and spiritual mentor.”My child Choi Soon-sil has my intelligence. If you follow her and protect her, you will have a bright future,” Choi told Park before his death.Park believed choi s words.Naturally, Choi Soon-sil, who grew up together, became Park’s best friend.This explains why Chung Yoon, chung’s father and choi soon-sil’s ex-husband, became park’s chief of staff while she was a lawmaker.Choi soon-sil took advantage of her close relationship with Park geun-hye to get through Chung’s admission.In the conflict with the school when Chung Wei-na escort her daughter to ewha University graduation certificate.Police were even used in response to student protests.With netizens hot on her heels, more scandals have been exposed about little sister Weina Cheng.Back in 2013, She took part in an equestrian event.She got into a fight with the referee and went back to cry.Soon after, the referee and those involved were punished by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.This, of course, is due to Park geun-hye’s care.When she was 18, She gave birth out of wedlock and gave birth to a child.She later married the father;But they soon parted ways.At school, Weina Cheng is also a thorn in the side of teachers and students.During PE class, Weina cheng slept in her dormitory.When the teacher asked why she was absent from class, she shouted at the teacher, “Don’t keep me from sleeping.”Zheng weina’s arrogant and domineering behavior made her classmates dislike her.After hitting a roommate during a confrontation, she called her mother, Choi Soon-sil, and said, “I’ve been hit. You’re responsible.”Before long, the roommate quickly transferred to another school.Ewha university teachers and students are angry at the growing Revelations.They did not expect that the Ivory tower would also become a place where powerful people played politics.They have continued to hold protests calling for an investigation into educational injustice at Ewha University.Under pressure, South Korea’s education authorities were forced to launch an investigation into Chung.The investigation revealed that Chung received preferential treatment not only in her admission to Ewha University, but also in her high school diploma.South Korean high schools require students to attend more than two-thirds of their classes, but Chung missed 105 days of classes during her high school years.In addition, her high school grades were favored by teachers.In this way, the arrogant Chung was stripped of her high school diploma and her admission to Ewha University was terminated.Choi Kyung-hee, president of Ewha University, had to resign.It is the first president to resign in the school’s history.During the investigation, Choi soon-sil and Chung Wee-na fled abroad to seek refuge.After the investigation, Ms Choi was charged with obstructing official business, while Ms Chung was placed on a red notice.It didn’t stop there.Prosecutors found that the horse was a gift from Samsung.Why would Samsung send a $1.8 billion horse to Weina Cheng for no reason?There must be some skeletons in the closet.President Park Geun-hye is likely to be involved in the case.South Korean reporters took notice and dug up relevant materials.In this critical time, a small white face Gao Yongtai’s Revelations let “plot” set off a new climax.Ko Young-tae is a famous fencer in South Korea.After retiring, he fell at choi soon-sil’s feet.With Ms. Choi’s help, Mr. Ko has prospered by starting his own company and fashion brand.But unexpectedly, After Gao Yongtai introduced his friend Car Enze to Cui Shunshi, Cui Shunshi and Car Enze played hot, gao Yongtai cold to the edge.Gao Yongtai feels lost for this.Cui Shunshi daughter Zheng Weina also looked down on Gao Yongtai, think he is just along with the mother to eat a soft meal of the boy, usually on Gao Yongtai call to drink, not a good face.On this day, she ordered Ko to bathe and walk her pet dog before going out to dance.Ko was in a bad mood and went golfing that day, keeping his dog in his room all day.When Zheng Weina went home, she was furious and cursed Gao Yongtai.Gao Yongtai innocent and get a scolding, the in the mind is very angry, and dare not show.He secretly resolved that one day he would have his revenge on them.This is an opportunity. Choi Soon-sil is under investigation by prosecutors.Gao Yongtai thought, just kick a man when he is down.He gave a south Korean TV reporter a computer used by Choi soon-sil.He knew there was something a journalist could only dream of.More than 200 documents sent by Park to Choi soon-sil were found on the computer. Among them, 44 presidential speeches were opened before the speech, and Choi soon-sil had revised them before Park’s speech.How could Choi Soon-sil, as a commoner, have the right to revise her speech?This discovery shocked the South Korean people, they did not expect, the president was behind the figure, is not the South Korean version of “from behind the curtain” it!Further, The South Korean police found choi Soon-sil in the mobile phone to intervene in political text messages.In the text message, Park addressed Choi as “teacher.”Thus, the Korean “girlfriends” incident broke out.For a moment, public opinion was in an uproar.Mass rallies of protesters have broken out across South Korea, calling for Park’s resignation and a public apology.The investigation later confirmed that in order to win the favor of Park Geun-hye, many domestic and foreign foundations, large companies sent representatives to lobby Choi Soon-sil, because she can influence park Geun-hye’s policy making.With the deepening of the investigation, Park Geun-hye, Choi Soon-sil in the economic fraud also gradually emerged.It has been confirmed that President Park geun-hye publicly requested protection money from South Korean chaebols such as Samsung, SK and Lotte after taking office.Under pressure from the president, foundations poured money into her political donations.Choi soon-sil did not fail, she set up a number of shell companies, fund companies, some small and medium-sized conglomerates donations.And that famous horse, but Samsung is small, nothing more than to let Choi Soon-sil in front of Park Geun-hye say a good word.The money, without exception, ended up in Choi soon-sil’s pocket.With these money, little sister Zheng Weina, just live a lavish life.Park geun-hye was impeached and removed from office in March 2017 after scandals involving her confidante meddling in state affairs and corruption and bribery. She was indicted by prosecutors and later sentenced to 22 years in prison.On December 31, 2021, just before the New Year, he was pardoned and freed.This is lucky for the elderly and ailing Park geun-hye.After her release, she can be hospitalized for recuperation.For choi Soon-sil and Chung Wee-na, who fled abroad, hiding was not the final solution.Under intense pressure, Choi soon-sil had to return home and turn herself in.Chung was arrested in Denmark and deported from hiding in the East.In the impending disaster, Zheng Weina staged a drama cast pot.She blames everything on her mother, Choi Soon-sil.At the hearing against Samsung, she testified against Choi soon-sil.This caused the relationship between mother and daughter to break down.Ms. Choi later accused Ms. Chung of illegally seizing her property.In the end, Choi soon-sil received 18 years in prison, 20 billion yuan in fines and 6.3 billion yuan in forfeiture.Ms. Cheng, for lack of evidence, was not charged.But she also lost everything.We often say that one should keep a low profile, and this makes sense.Weina Cheng had no idea that an ordinary display of wealth would cause such an earth-shaking “earthquake”.The president fell out, her mother went to jail, mother and daughter split, and her own life was ruined beyond recognition.In fact, her flaunting of wealth is not a crime, but the usual arrogant and domineering habit, words and deeds caused by the consequences.The real crime is that Ms Park and Ms Choi were in high places and behaved badly.They deserve to be punished.If they usually pay attention to self-cultivation, clean, good management of their children, will not suffer this sin.