Trying to prove westbrook’s cancer, the two-star Lakers dared to beat the trail Blazers.

2022-07-21 0 By

Perhaps most people are so used to blaming Westbrook for lakers losses that they think the lakers would be a good team without him.Even some people say that Westbrook hindered the play of rondo before, monk and Tucker now, so the lakers’ poor record is really only westbrook’s fault?The Lakers played the Blazers, who played an unprecedented number of players, with CJ Ellerby, Trenton Watford, Greg Brown III, Kelkin Blevins, and Dennis Smith, presumably unknown to most fans.Such was the slumdog team that the lakers, both front office and coaching staff, went into the game thinking it was going to be a one-sided slaughter, so they quietly gave Westbrook a DNP.”Maybe it’s time to kick Westbrook’s ass!”If you win against Portland with a lineup that doesn’t have Westbrook after being beaten by the Bucks, then westbrook will be worthless.Instead, neither Vogel nor Pelinka expected the Blazers would be able to beat even with superstars James and Davis on the bench.Although the lakers have lost 30 games in a row, this one seemed to hurt the most.After the game, Magic Johnson completely “speechless”, his former teammate James worthy admitted that this is the worst he has ever seen the Lakers, he has not found the right words to describe this team.James compared the lakers’ current situation to that of Stephen King’s “The Fog,” referring to them as “stuck in a fog.”Of course, we can’t use one game to explain westbrook’s value, but it can be said that the root of the lakers’ loss may not be on Westbrook. It can even be said that the reason why Westbrook has become more and more crotch after coming to the Lakers is largely the team’s problem.So please don’t throw all the dirty water at Westbrook!