2023 Minzu University of China Cultural Relics and Museum major master’s entrance examination review experience sharing

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First, about the university of Humanities and Museology major in a few years ago when the heat is not very high, so its score is not particularly high, and then there are a lot of people register for this major, but in recent years after the heat of the museology, its score line also has a relatively little improvement.If you want to choose this major, my suggestion is that you should at least have a little interest in cultural traditions, museums, or archaeology. You can choose cultural museums. If you are a citizen, I think its difficulty is moderate, and it is in the master’s degree of cultural museums.Then, the scores of the reexamination are: 2016:315, 2017:331, 2018:342, 2019:352, 2020: national line, 2021:335.In 2018, 34 people were admitted to the second interview, and 28 people were actually admitted. In 2019, 31 people were admitted to the second interview, and 28 people were actually admitted. From 2020, RENMIN University of China began to expand enrollment.Two, first try review 1. Take an examination of grind politics to say my probably review process first.Since MY political foundation is not very good, I will start my political expenditure relatively early. I will start to listen to the selected basic courses around March or April.I went over the basic political content.Then to June and July summer vacation time began to strengthen the class, at that time the focus may test some hot review, and then outlined.After xiao Xiurong’s 1000 questions came out, I would brush 1000 questions every night about half an hour before going to bed. Well, be careful to do it with a pencil and be light, so that you can erase the answer when you do it later, otherwise it will be easy to remember the answer.I did about three times for the 1000 questions, and later I also did xu Tao’s multiple choice question.But I think xiao Xiurong’s 1000 questions are quite basic, so you can do it more times. You can choose the 1000 questions according to your own needs.A few months of summer vacation is to do multiple choice questions, see the public number to share every day, then is waiting for Xiao Xiurong’s xiao four xiao eight, back the big question.2. I started relatively early, winter vacation began to recite words, but this time back words more scattered, mainly to see their mood.When RECiting words, I also listened to the word class, which started in March. I recited words every day. Because I could not easily memorize words by simply reciting words, I began to recite words by real questions.Start with the old paper in 1994 and write one paper a day.The last two years are reserved for practice exams in December.Do not chase speed to quality, while doing the problem while the words can not be checked out.Then the next day back the day before the words, after finishing the question must be reviewed, the topic and article every sentence to understand, be sure to read the topic and article this is very important.There are many synonym substitutions in English reading, which can be accumulated in the process of doing problems.Gestalt I did not practice, composition until November to listen to composition class, and then I can try to write the composition.3. The professional courses of cultural expo are mainly recitation.The professional courses are divided into archaeology and museum. The first one is archaeology. I bought the notes of my elder sister.The second round is to start reciting, according to the book carpet recitation.The third round I began to use Ebbinghaus memory curve back, is also more careful to recite, the fourth round according to the annual real topic to find the key to recite, if there is time to put their not familiar with again, have an impression is good.I am the same as the method of archaeology. One thing is that the exposition questions of museums are more open, so we should always pay attention to hot issues. In our spare time, we should read articles on public accounts to see if there are hot issues and accumulate materials for museum exhibitions.We should also pay attention to archaeological hotspots, such as the 100th anniversary of modern archaeology this year and the Yangshao culture. We should take these hotspots as the origin and spread them out.If you have difficulties in the process of taking an examination of one’s deceased father’s degree, you might as well sign up for a tutorial class, such as xinxiang Xu take an examination of one’s deceased father’s degree, one on one private VIP tutoring course, strong pertinence, class time can be flexible negotiation, after class can also answer questions free of charge, to take an examination of one’s deceased father’s degree should prepare for an examination of this help is very obvious.Book of professional course: Zhang Zhiheng: General Theory of Chinese Archaeology, Nanjing University Press, 2009.Wang Hongjun. The Foundation of Chinese Museology (revised edition), Shanghai Ancient Books Publishing house, 2006.Introduction to Archaeology compilation Group: Introduction to Archaeology, Higher Education Press, 2015 (there will be less examination of this book, mainly the first two books are the most important), then I suggest that we can add another Introduction to Museology compilation group: Introduction to Museology, Higher Education Press, 2019.Three, second interview I was online second interview, the first is to extract questions, is a paragraph of English material, to read out and translated.At that time, I was not allowed to introduce myself, so the teacher would randomly ask questions based on the previously submitted transcripts and other materials, 20 minutes for each person.In my experience, if it is online, you can connect the original undergraduate course with the museum, and then there is a museum or archaeological site in your hometown, intangible cultural heritage and so on.Professional English can look at the literature on the Internet above the abstract of their own practice.Finally is the experience to tell the younger students, postgraduate entrance examination is not terrible, do the problem is not terrible, reciting is not terrible, terrible is that you can not insist, three days of fishing two days basking in the net that certainly not, as long as you can insist that hope dawn is in front of oh, I wait for you in the people university oh!(This article is from the public account: Xin Xiangxu Jiangsu postgraduate entrance examination, without permission, may not be reproduced!)