Guiyang second-hand house prices 7 consecutive fall!”Disguised price cuts” are common in real estate, with some real estate prices dropping by more than 30%.

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A residence in Guanshan Lake district, Guiyang.The latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics in Guiyang shows that in December 2021, the prices of new houses and second-hand houses in Guiyang have fallen from the previous month. By December 2021, the prices of new houses in Guiyang have fallen for 4 consecutive times, while those of second-hand houses have fallen for 7 consecutive times.Recently “China Times” reporters visited a number of real estate in Guiyang city to learn that Guiyang real estate through “commission cashback” in some form of secretly reduced prices, and real estate through “jump layer” gift area disguised price reduction, the price of more than 30%.Recently, “China Times” reporters visited to learn that baiyun District real estate prices reached 18.03%.It is reported that the real estate will be opened in early 2019, and the blank will be delivered. The price at the opening is 8000 yuan/ping.The property’s sales staff said the discounted unit price is now 6,558 yuan per square meter.That’s 18.03% lower than the opening price.The sales office sales staff told “China Times” reporters that the same building source, buy earlier prices will be a little more expensive than buy now, now affected by the epidemic, cheaper.It is worth noting that the situation of price reduction sales not only appeared in Baiyun District, even in the past two years more hot Guanshan Lake district, price reduction sales are also staged.”China Times” reporters learned that guanshanhu district southwest trade city near a real estate “zero down payment” can buy a house.For example, a 68.91-floor, two-bedroom one-hall apartment, fine decoration delivery, unit price of 9870 yuan/ping, the total price of 680,100 yuan, 20% of the down payment, the down payment amount of 147,300 yuan, the monthly payment of 3,111 yuan.The sales staff told The China Times that although the contract needs to be signed at the above 9,870 yuan per square meter, in fact, the developer will return 150,000 yuan to the buyer in the form of “recommendation commission” after the buyer pays the mortgage for about six months.Sales staff said the 150,000 yuan can be at the buyers’ disposal.That is to say, the actual sale price of this house is about 530,000 yuan, and the unit price is about 7,600 yuan.So why can’t the house in the purchase contract to write about 7600 yuan/flat unit price?A salesperson at the sales office told The China Times that the property will open in 2019 and the registered price at the housing Administration bureau is around 9,000 yuan per square meter, which cannot be changed.An elevator sales practitioner told The China Times that due to the epidemic, the real estate in Guiyang in the past two years is not very easy to sell, and now many real estate are “stealing prices”.So why can’t we cut prices fair and square?If the same property is sold at a lower price now, people who previously bought at a “high price” will start to defend their rights, he says.Guanshan Lake district is the new urban area of Guiyang, currently there are three groups layout of the City, high-tech zone, Guiyang municipal government, the three groups are the gathering place of banks, big data industry, administrative center, in recent years, rapid development, also become the first choice for many young people to buy property.Night view of the City in Guanshanhu District, Guiyang city.Zhang Huimin recently, “China Times” reporters learned that the view of the lake city near real estate prices through the jump layer disguised.A loft is a house that occupies two floors connected by an internal staircase.”The construction area is 124.91 square meters, excluding the property rights of 60 square meters, the real construction area is 184.91 square meters.”View mountain lake a real estate sales staff so calculation.The sales staff introduced, the house source of the total height of 5.8 meters, buyers can be in the room “board” to build the second floor, the area of the second floor and part of the balcony are not included in the building area, belong to the “gift” area.”China Times” when the reporter visits see, the pattern that the development business makes jumps a layer namely, the design of the second floor lies for priority.It is worth noting that this house source besides through “jump layer” outside depreciate, other privilege is not little also.The sales staff said, before the year to buy a house, send five years of property fees, send a parking space.Although there have been many discounts, the salesperson said that they can apply for another discount point, and the agent can also apply for another discount.The agent of the house told China Times that if the house is bought in December 2021, the window will be sealed.”The window seal is worth tens of thousands.There will be no free Windows this month because the sales of 2021 are almost completed.”The reporter learned that if the above house is calculated according to the construction area, the unit price of the house is 13,216 yuan /;The unit price of this house is only 8,928 yuan per square meter if the area given is included.So calculate come, the range that this house source reduces price disguised is 32.45%.When “China Times” reporter asked whether the behavior of sending area through the jump floor disguised as compliance, buyers will be blocked by the relevant departments to build a second floor, the sales staff said, “there will be no problem.”In Guiyang has purchased two sets of housing Mr Zhang, jump in Guiyang is very common, there will be no later “illegal construction” problem, he said to “China Times” reporter, Guiyang recently most buildings are such, jump layer does not belong to the outside to build, “in your room, you want how to decorate.”Subsequently, the reporter called Guiyang city housing trades management center, its relevant staff member expresses to “China times” reporter, layer height 5.8 meters jump layer is ok build board, such door model exists originally, do not cross the property right attribute of a lot of jump layer is apartment, specific should see the information that buys a contract.Leju data shows that in 2021, guiyang’s property market will be depressed first and then rising, with the threshold of TOP5 sales reduced to 5.58 billion yuan, down 12.7% year on year.The latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed that in December 2021, second-hand home prices in Guiyang fell 0.6 percentage points month-on-month, which is worth noting that this is the seventh consecutive decline in guiyang’s second-hand home prices.In terms of new houses, the price of new houses in Guiyang began to fall from September 2021, and has fallen for four consecutive months now.Yan Yuejin, research director of e-House Research Institute think tank Center, told The China Times that the high housing prices in Guiyang were mainly caused by the increase in property speculation by investors. The current market transaction volume has decreased, and enterprises have to cut prices to remove inventory.”Selling at reduced prices may affect the market order.”Zhang Bo, chief analyst of 58 anju Room production Research Institute, told The China Times that guiyang house prices fell, mainly related to two factors.On the one hand, in 2021, the overall policy control of the national property market is tight, 70 large and medium-sized cities have more than 50 cities of the first and second hand housing prices have fallen at the end of the year, even if the heat is higher in Suzhou, Hefei, Nanjing and other cities housing market is also down, under this background Guiyang housing prices are normal;On the other hand, the overall supply in Guiyang market exceeds demand, and the investment demand accelerates to leave the market, which leads to the market supply is difficult to quickly reduce in a short term, which is the direct driving factor of the price reduction. In addition, the real estate enterprises accelerate the shipping pace, which further catalyzes the downward speed of the housing price.Adenocarcinoma said that overall, as a provincial capital city, guiyang in population agglomeration and industrial development of the province of the housing market still has strong support, but in the short term, guiyang oversupply situation is very difficult to change quickly, and continuous cooling of the secondary market, is expected in the first half of 2022 the market overall will slants cold, while in the second half of the market needs to see regulation changes.Chief Editor: Zhang Yuning