Ha ha, are schools all over the country so attuned?They’re telling kids to do nucleic acid

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Xiamen Daily – The City’s Education Bureau recently deployed the spring semester nucleic acid testing work, pointed out that within 48 hours before the start of the nucleic acid testing, students can participate in the school organization, or the nearest community free testing sites to participate in the test.According to provincial and municipal regulations, when students, teachers and staff return to school in spring, they must hold a nucleic acid test negative certificate within 48 hours. On the third day after returning to school, they must take a nucleic acid test organized by their school.Xiamen now has at least 108 free nucleic acid testing sites, according to the municipal Health Commission.Just saw the notice of the xiamen city bureau of education, still wondering if only their side will do this, have never thought just for a moment, our city bureau of education and similar notice followed here, our school after receiving notification, immediately asked the teacher in charge is forwarded to the parent group, please make sure that every parent want to convey to each student, do not miss.This notice immediately woke up the lazy consciousness of everyone, the holiday has been confused, almost forgot their own little tail ha, this notice is just in time to free from the responsibility to pull back, immediately began to forward the notice to the class group.In line with the attitude of being responsible to all students, this notice is naturally to put epidemic prevention work in the first place, the top priority, the top priority, clearly requires that the school is just around the corner, must not neglect Jingzhou, epidemic prevention work still needs to be tightened at all times, must not relax any vigilance because of the holiday.In order to eliminate potential risks in the invisible, must be in the school before, all teachers and students to do a nucleic acid test, to ensure that everything is safe.In order to make every student attach great importance to it, the notice requires that if someone misses the arrangement of the school, he/she must go to the appropriate hospital for a test on his/her own, and can only return to school with a negative test result.Once this notice was issued, parents in the group have opened the “received” mode, looking at one after another out of a second back to the “received” two words, seems to have never felt these two words at this moment is so kind.Its appearance, enough to prove that the whole holiday, the children are strictly in accordance with the requirements of the school in the implementation, and no one made and the rules against the move.But behind all this and more can’t depart from the support of parents, children or minors after all, their every move is authorized by the parents to toil for all, parents can actively support the work of the school, can with the school, for the children to provide all the necessary teaching service, close cooperation between the two sides, bring out the best in each other, to help the children fly higher,Development is better.Although it is only a small forwarding notice, we can feel that our parents are paying attention to everything in the school all the time, expecting the children to pass the school education and learn something.Who can give up when there is a schoolboy?No parents concerned about the growth of the children, and no matter what kind of care, both need to work in a school for children of various positive support, only then can put all the work related to children in place, whether can help children to solve the problem, to ensure that children can relax into the study.Thanks to our parents can go all out to help their children arrange everything, with their support, we will be able to win the epidemic prevention battle, come on, everyone is good!