Half a month into the camp, how to see the new recruits metamorphosis

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Half a month ago, a group of young people put down their pens, put on green military uniforms, and took the train to the barracks.From luxury to thrift, from the comfortable school life to the severe camp life is even more difficult, in this half month, the recruits are ready to start, adapt to the training, let us follow the camera, and take a look at the recruits when they just enter the camp, what they need to do.In the face of new recruits coming from all parts of China, the first thing the NEW Corps has to do is to prevent and control the epidemic.At the gate of the barracks, several military doctors in protective clothing took temperature measurements, nucleic acid tests and disinfected luggage of the new recruits. Those who completed the above measures were led by medical staff to their own isolation room for 14 days of isolation.To avoid cross – infection, military camps are quarantined from the same source.After the isolation is complete, new recruits go to the training ground for basic adaptation training.Under the leadership of the squad leader, basic military movements should be practiced. The training intensity is gradual, from a group of 40 minutes to a group of one hour. Scientific planning and systematic help for the new recruits to adapt to the barracks.Housekeeping, Windows clean heart neat “tofu blocks”, spotless ground, clean and neat appearance, take on a new look show in front of us.They can not be very good to complete their own housekeeping, in half a month of training, they have been able to complete their own “tofu blocks”, cleaning and other work in two minutes, the rigorous attitude of the soldiers has gradually reflected in them.When the new recruits entered the camp, I could feel that many new comrades were shy. During this half month, the squad leader would take the initiative to talk to everyone to understand their status and communicate with them in time.Now, all we see on the playground are young and enthusiastic faces, each of whom is confident and capable of completing their barracks tasks perfectly.Stars live up to the people, barracks will not live up to your sweat, youth will not live up to your expectations of hard work.(By Kong Xianyao and Zhang Shuaijie. Photography by Fang Longchao and Wang Yazhuo.)