Heze organized to listen to and watch the video conference on the rectification of audit problems in the field of production safety in the province

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China Shandong network – Perception of Shandong February 16 – (reporter Yuan Suhuan) February 16, the province’s safety production field audit found problems rectification work video conference held.The meeting briefed on the work of safety risks discovered by auditing in the field of work safety, listened to the work reports of relevant departments and municipal governments, and required comprehensive and thorough rectification of problems found in auditing in the field of work safety, and strict and solid work safety.Heze municipal Standing Committee, executive vice Mayor Wang Lei attended the heze branch meeting.The meeting required relevant parties to take a responsible attitude, rectify the list of audit problems, and consolidate the rectification responsibility.We will do a good job in guiding and coordinating work safety, step up rectification efforts, win the protracted battle of responsibility for work safety, and finish the three-year campaign to improve work safety.We must comprehensively strengthen risk assessment, give priority to work safety, attach great importance to work safety and supervision, guard the bottom line of work safety, and welcome the victory of the 20th CPC National Congress with outstanding achievements.The municipal government security committee related member units in charge, the city commission for Discipline inspection and supervision organs, the city audit bureau, the city emergency management team members and major responsible comrades in all departments in Heze branch meeting to attend.Each county district sets up a branch meeting place at the same time.