Park Geun-hye’s influence!Crowds of fans gathered at the entrance of the new house, and supporters watched from outside

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Former South Korean president Park Geun-hye, a legendary figure whose life has been marked by ups and downs, from “ice princess” to South Korea’s first female president to a jailed prisoner, has been released from jail and treated in hospital after a pardon.Park geun-hye has many supporters. Although she has not been discharged from hospital, her supporters came to the gate of her new house in Daegu when they heard that she had bought a new house.Park’s house, which is worth 2.5 billion won, covers more than 1,000 square meters and has two floors above and below, as well as a basement.Since Ms. Park’s lawyer announced the purchase, the house has been the focus of attention, with crowds of people and media taking photos outside Ms. Park’s house and elderly people trying to look over the walls.The elderly at the gate expressed their hope that Park geun-hye would have a happy old age.Park geun-hye is not even out of the hospital, the home of the Internet celebrity clock, it shows how much influence she has.Their support gave Ms Park a strong incentive to hang on, but she also needed a quiet life.Park geun-hye is expected to be discharged from hospital in March, when she will return to retirement.Park geun-hye is at least something of a celebrity, if not quite a homecoming.She was also the most accomplished of Park chung-hee’s three children.Now she is a best-selling author again, newly freed and making money from her books.From the “ice Princess” to South Korea’s first female president to the best-selling author who rose from the ashes after being jailed, Park geun-hye has grown up in difficult situations all her life and has always been able to shine at any moment.