The completion of Shanghai Lingang Gas membrane Laboratory can realize nucleic acid detection of more than 1 million people per day

2022-07-22 0 By

The reporter learned from Shanghai Lingang new area that the Lingang gas film laboratory was completed on April 6.The laboratory covers an area of 3,200 square meters and can be operated by a team of 200 people. After the opening of the laboratory, the nucleic acid detection volume can exceed 1 million people per day in the way of 10:1 mixed mining.On April 4, lingang new area after receiving gas film laboratory construction tasks, quickly organized 40 people engineering team, to discuss the construction project with the electric power, telecommunications and other departments, organize procurement processing cable, optical cable, power distribution cabinet, assembly and debugging of overnight, from 10 PM to 5 am the next day, build team to complete the scene such as water, electricity and network facilities.The site can meet the demand of high-power electricity for testing medical instruments, and ensure that more than 1 million people upload test data every day.At 1:00 PM the next day, the first batch of assembly materials for air film cabin came into the field. Under the guidance of technicians, the engineering team carried equipment, connected negative pressure pipes and tested air tightness.Finally, after 20 hours of overnight construction, the integrated gas film laboratory of group 1 and cabin 5 was completed, and 110 amplifiers, 24 nucleic acid extractors and other fully automated equipment, 20 biosafety cabinets and 2 clean tables were installed and debugated.The gas film laboratory is located in the multi-function hall of a hotel, including the office area, rest area, dining area, dressing area and other functional areas, and another nucleic acid testing site to serve epidemic prevention and security work.Lingang New Area Port City Group introduced, “The group will continue to provide the medical team with accommodation, transportation, catering and nucleic acid testing support and other logistics services, to provide laboratory security, cleaning and other operational services, to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the gas film laboratory.”It is understood that the Medical team from Yunnan to Shanghai has been settled in the laboratory on the day it was built.(Media reporter Wu Qiongning Wanting)