08, Zhu De descendants to Leiyang looking for people, see Wu Tianxiao: without your aunt, there is no Zhu De

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One day in September 2008, there are two women from Beijing far away from Hunan Leiyang to look for people, they are the republic marshal Zhu Yuzhen’s grandniece Zhu De and nieces Liu Keming.Comrades leiyang Municipal Party history research office that they two people come, actively help contact Wu Ruolan nephew Wu Tianxiao.After seeing Wu Tianxiao, Zhu Yuzhen and Liu Keming held his hand excitedly: “Uncle, Martyr Wu Ruolan is our benefaction of the Zhu family.Without your aunt, there would have been no Zhu De, and without the Zhu family today, Chinese history would have been rewritten.”This speech deeply touched Wu Tianxiao’s heart, three people made a sincere conversation.In the conversation, Wu Tianxiao said with some nostalgia: “Aunt was only 26 years old when she died in 1929. Although her life was short, it was glorious and great.”As Wu Tianxiao said, the martyr Wu Ruolan’s flower of life although early extinguished, but her outstanding spirit is still shining.She is zhu De’s wife, but did not let the name bound themselves, women are not allowed to, she made immortal contributions to the Cause of the Chinese revolution with their own will.Zhu Yuzhen, Liu Keming and other people are not the same strange woman in March 1903, Wu Ruolan was born in Hunan Leiyang (then Leiyang or county) suburb of nine eye pond village of an intellectual family.Wu Ruolan’s father is a private school teacher, perhaps taught in this, she has always been willing to endure hardship in learning, willing to work hard, eight years old into private school, twelve years old admitted to leiyang County women’s vocational school, at 21 years old with excellent results by Hengyang Hunan Provincial third women’s normal school.Wu Ruolan is different from the average woman since she was a child. She is forthright, detest evil and has her own views on things.She was born at the end of the Qing Dynasty, a time of turmoil and crumbling government rule, when feudal customs such as foot-binding were still firmly adhered to.When women were young, they had to wrap their feet with cloth. The toes of their feet were deformed gradually, and they could only walk with their heels all their lives. This was a custom that victimized women.When Wu Ruolan was four years old, her grandmother bound her feet. Once the cloth was wrapped, she found that she could not walk with long strides and often suffered severe pain.She immediately unwrapped the cloth, refusing to do so in spite of her grandmother’s exhortation and scolding.In the time of Wu Ruolan, who did not bind their feet?This matter soon troubled before the Wu clan chief.In the face of a dry serious floor face of the elders, Wu Ruolan did not retreat.She interrupted her chiding patriarch to ask, “Why don’t men have their feet bound?”The patriarch was stunned, for no one had ever thought why men did not bind their feet.He could only say, hesitantly, that women’s foot-binding was a rule handed down through the ages. Women who did not have their feet bound were immoral, and no one wanted to marry a woman who did not have her feet bound.Wu Ruolan said firmly: I will not bind my feet. Whether I get married or not is my business and has nothing to do with others.So Wu Ruolan became the first local woman not to have her feet bound.This independent and self-improvement of the nature of the implementation of the life of Wu Ruolan.After being admitted to hunan Provincial No. 3 Women’s Normal College, communist ideology began to stir the country, and Wu Ruolan also met a group of progressive young people who followed Marxism.The girl with bound feet in the old days could feel the equality and freedom of people with progressive ideology because she came out of the clan with deep feudal thoughts. She firmly believed that the liberation of the people could be realized by following the guidance of the Communist Party.Through the guidance of the school party organization and the surrounding progressive youth, Wu Ruolan read through the Communist Manifesto, New Youth and other revolutionary books and periodicals, and enthusiastically participated in the activities of the Party organization.In the early days of the communist Party, many people with low education level knew little about it, so Wu Ruolan spontaneously used her spare time to go to the countryside to introduce the party’s program and aspirations to the people.On May 30, 1925, the imperialist powers made the May 30 massacre in Shanghai, which shocked the world, which made Wu Ruolan realize that China was still a semi-feudal and semi-colonial country in internal troubles and foreign invasion.She shifted her focus to protesting imperialist atrocities, marching with the Shanghai crowd to encourage a boycott of Japanese goods.In the fall of the same year, the Party recognized her contribution to the revolutionary process and announced that she had officially joined the Communist Party of China.Wu Ruolan became a party member with more full enthusiasm into the revolutionary cause.After graduating from the third women’s normal school in 1926, Wu Ruolan complied with the arrangements of the Party organization and returned to his hometown to continue to engage in propaganda activities.With excellent personal ability, Wu Ruolan was soon elected a member of the Communist Youth League leiyang local executive Committee and the minister of women.She ran night schools where all women had to bind their feet, gave lectures, led women to set their feet and cut their hair, used simple examples and warm and generous language to tell the peasants about class oppression, and tried her best to reduce taxes, so the peasants respected her.In the Great Road, American writer Smedley wrote, “She is really known among the peasants as an indomitable peasant organizer.”This is the true portrayal of Wu Ruolan.Because of great achievements in the revolutionary cause, Wu Ruolan became a thorn in the side of reactionaries, was once listed as a key wanted object.The family that heard this matter is very worried, advised her to go to hide outside, temporarily take shelter.Wu Ruolan said, since the choice to participate in the revolution, has been ready to sacrifice, was caught is just to kill the head, nothing to be afraid of.Zhu De and Wu Ruolan met because of the revolution.At that time, the magistrate of Leiyang County was a typical reactionary, suppressing the revolution and brutally killing many Communists.Wu Ruolan led six women in disguise after night sneakinto the county, throughout the city and the county government gate are posted on the prepared slogans, slogans read: first kill reactionary officials, then kill local tyrants and evil gentry, and then kill the reactionary league members!Thin paper can not hold a revolutionary passion, county magistrate angry, but also timid heart, unexpectedly quietly packed away.Then, in January 1928, Zhu De, Chen Yi and other generals led the southern Hunan uprising, Wu Ruolan actively cooperate with the revolutionary army’s action, this occupied Leiyang county, and established the Soviet government of Leiyang County.The south Hunan uprising cannot leave Wu Ruolan’s positive contribution.Many people in Zhu De were inspired by revolutionary ideas and joined the revolutionary army spontaneously. They lacked materials and even had no shoes.When the chairman of the Women’s Federation of Leiyang Wu Ruolan launched the sister-in-law set up a temporary weaving factory, determined to let every soldier in the short term can wear shoes.She was so busy that she didn’t even have time to go home. It took her six days to drive out five hundred pairs of sandals, which made Zhu say that LAN Sister had been a great help.Later one day, Wu Ruolan ran into Zhu De’s office and gave him something carefully wrapped by a printing pad. The girl who had always been in a hot temper showed a little shy at this time.When Zhu De opened it, he found a pair of new cloth shoes.Inside the cloth shoe was a note, which read: Don’t dress as a hero, willing to suffer poverty for the people.Revolution road long dust and soil, shoes to success.Holding the cloth shoes, Zhu De felt the tenderness of Wu Ruolan and the passion of the revolutionaries, and felt very touched in his heart.He has not been willing to wear this pair of shoes, after Wu Ruolan died young, did not leave even a photo, her hand-made shoes became zhu De to miss the object.Zhu De in addition to brave and fearless in the revolution, the intellectual family of Wu Ruolan also write a good hand, people called “Leiyang talented woman”.Calligraphy lover Zhu De first saw her pen and ink for it, repeatedly praised.One day, Wu Ruolan padded her feet with a chair and dipped her feet in lime water to write propaganda slogans on the wall.Chu De happened to pass by and stood by silently watching her writing.Thinking it was a soldier, Wu Ruolan asked someone to help her carry a bucket of lime, which Zhu De did.When Wu Ruolan finished writing the slogan and looked back, she couldn’t help but cry out in surprise: “Teacher, how are you?”Zhu De smiled and said, “LAN sister is not only a poet, but also a calligrapher!”His praise made Wu ruolan blush.In the day that Wu Ruolan struggles for revolutionary ideal jointly, Zhu De and Wu Ruolan gradually fall in love with each other, two people are the person of absolute sincerity, having ambition of shedding blood for ideal, finally they fell in love.Their wedding was very simple, and it was done by inviting some friends from the Party organization to witness it.In the bridal chamber, Wu Ruolan said somewhat blushed that she was not beautiful, with pockmarks on her face, and was not worthy of Zhu De.Hearing his wife’s concerns, Zhu De consoled her, “What does it matter if you have pockmarks on your face?You have a pockmark, I have a beard, we will be together for life.”The passing comrade listened to this sentence, said with a smile: a pair of pockmarked beard, just sleep.Only the hero deserves the hero, each should be commander in chief.If Zhu De wants me to bow, unless gan River water flows backwards!Shortly after marriage, Chiang Kai-shek gathered his troops to besieged and crushed the workers and peasants’ revolutionary army in southern Hunan. Zhu De and Chen Yi led the revolutionary army to march to Jinggang Mountain, realizing the great “Meeting of Zhu and MAO” in history. Wu Ruolan was the witness of this important event.After the transfer of the army, Wu Ruolan transferred to the fourth Army organization department propaganda team cadres.As before, she went deep into the grassroots to publicize revolutionary ideas, carried out Marxist teaching classes to explain textbook knowledge to soldiers, and organized a series of recreational activities to ease the tension of military life.Her spirit of “just kill the head” supported her even in the battlefield of smoke and fire, she also dared to shout to the enemy, spit on the hypocrisy of the other side, and carry forward the fearless revolutionary thought.Wu Ruolan is a cadre, is Zhu De’s wife, but she never use these identities for their own benefits.She marched like all the common soldiers around her, slept on straw MATS, wore straw sandals, and ate the meanest food;The only horse allotted to her was rarely ridden, and was used for wounded soldiers and unwell female comrades.Red Army revolutionary soldiers at that time spread “female sharpshooter”, “double gun female general”, because Wu Ruolan practiced good marksmanship.She also learned how to shoot with her left hand. When asked why she did it, she said, “If MY right hand is injured in a battle, I can shoot with my left hand.”In the battle of seven streams, Zhu De, Wu Ruolan and other rates of troops occupied the commanding heights of the Moon pavilion, the enemy long attack, transferred to a number of machine guns for cover, in the front of the Moon Pavilion seriously interfered with our army’s strategic plan.At this critical moment, Chu De jumped out with a submachine gun and strafed the enemy;Wu Ruolan jumped out of the trenches with two guns and led the soldiers to launch a fierce attack on the enemy’s flanks.Horrified, the enemy troops fled in rout.This battle for the later history of the famous Longyuankou victory created favorable opportunities.In 1929, MAO Zedong and Zhu De led the Red Fourth Army to march from The Jinggang Mountains to the south of Gannan.On February 1 of the same year, the troops who had just finished the fierce fighting stopped to rest in a small village when kuomintang officer Liu Shi-yi’s troops suddenly surrounded the village.Liu Shiyi MAO zedong and Zhu De calmly, but the flow of the enemy, in order to cover the generals retreat, Wu Ruolan pulled zhu De yellow coat on his body, the rate of more than a dozen soldiers from the other direction of the offensive.Mistake wu Ruolan recognized as Zhu De’s enemy closely followed, relaxed the blockade of large forces, MAO Zedong, Zhu De and other generals were able to safely evacuate.Outnumbered, shot in both legs Wu Ruolan was captured by the enemy.Chiang Kai-shek, who knew that she was Chu de’s wife, took her seriously and hoped to bribe her for his own use.At first is the temptation of high officials, Wu Ruolan sniffed.Chiang kai-shek promised her endless riches and wealth if she would leave the Communists.Wu Ruolan sneer way: want me to bow, unless ganjiang water flow back!MAO Zedong and Zhu De’s red Army era soft not hard, angry enemy inflicted unbearable torture on her, this young girl did not say a word to bear.In the end, finding nothing to gain from her, the enemy decided to kill her, and the revolutionary’s head was brutally cut off and hung on the gate of Ganzhou, which aroused public indignation.At the time of her death, Wu Ruolan was only 26 years old and had been married to Zhu De for less than a year.Her parents named her after orchids, hoping that she would live up to their expectations.She is like an unbeatable orchid, always blooming in zhu De’s heart, blooming in the hearts of the people.