60 seconds straight: Medical teams from all over the country entered Shanghai makeshift hospital and raced against time to start treatment

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On April 5, medical teams from all over the country were stationed in makeshift hospitals in Shanghai.As the Shanghai Lingang Makeshift Hospital opened on The evening of May 5 to receive patients, medical teams from Jiangsu and Zhejiang joined hands with medical teams from Shanghai to carry out treatment.Shanghai, April 6 (Chinamil) — The first batch of medical staff from the 2nd Medical team of the Jiangxi Medical Team arrived at the New BoSCO Capsule Hospital in Shanghai on April 6.On the afternoon of April 6, a medical team from Hubei province arrived in Shanghai to take over 1,300 patients with mild symptoms.A medical team from Hainan enters Huating Makeshift Hospital in Shanghai on the evening of April 6, 2017.[Editor: Zhou Menghan][Source: Haike News]