A high school parents bluntly: think of son to study literature, the heart is blocked panic, can not eat also can not sleep

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The college entrance examination is a competition of wisdom, but also a battle of psychology, to stand out in the college entrance examination, students need to sleep on hardships, master the knowledge of the teaching material at the same time, but also need to adjust the personal mentality, so as to play the due level in the college entrance examination, and may even become a dark horse.Over the years, China has been committed to the education reform, every policy change, are related to the fate of students, especially the reform of the college entrance examination, but also affect the hearts of countless parents.In recent years, the popular education reform, which can be described as the new college entrance examination model, has been implemented in eight provinces, and initial results have been achieved, and seven more provinces are expected to join in 2022.The new college entrance examination breaks the traditional sense of arts and sciences, so students can choose the right combination of subjects according to their own situation.Under the new college entrance examination mode, a high school boy chooses a combination of liberal arts, which makes his parents sleepless at night. Although there is no clear distinction between liberal arts and science, there are still some biased opinions in the selection process.When students choose between physics and history, it means studying liberal arts or science.Students who choose physics have a wide coverage of majors, and students occupy an advantage in the examination stage. Students who choose history have relatively few majors and colleges to choose.Looking around, almost all high schools, science students are more than liberal arts students, many schools also pay more attention to science students.The concept of “learning math, physics and chemistry well, traveling around the world” is deeply rooted. Many parents also hope their children choose science as far as possible, so as to occupy an advantage for themselves in the examination stage.There are even some parents who believe that their children majoring in liberal arts are not promising in the future, so they will not only have an advantage in applying for the examination, but will also face many difficulties in finding jobs after graduation.Not long ago, there was a high school student’s parents bluntly: as long as the thought of his son to study literature, the in the mind is blocked panic, can not eat and can not sleep.The parent said that because his son chose liberal arts, he often fell into depression, while others avoided liberal arts, but his son came on.From the mouth of the parents learn that children choose liberal arts, result in ascending slowly, may really not suitable for science, it shows that students choose not wrong, as long as good for their own performance, is the best choice, although arts professional coverage rate is low, but the fewer the number of the school of arts living, and no science student competitiveness.May be parents perspective, considering the long-term, liberal arts students not only less professional selectivity, admission score is also very high, and the future employment is also very narrow, so even if see the child’s performance has been improved, the thought of the future environment, the heart is still very uncomfortable.”The school of science living power, the school of arts living rid”, this kind of idea a better gather the students to choose, or application of the university entrance exam, in general, parents can according to personal experience provide advice to the student, does not force students to choose, most of the final decisions in the hands of students, even parents don’t want to too much intervention, the hanging heart has been unable to let go.Before, there was such a saying on the Internet: more science students can strengthen the country, but more liberal arts students can undermine the country.Obviously this kind of speech is wrong, in the social development, science students can use technology, better science and technology to rejuvenate the country.Nowadays, China has entered the mode of economic globalization. If China wants to develop and become stronger, it cannot do without diplomats. We often see the sharp words and wise minds of Chinese spokesmen at the speeches of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which often make foreign journalists shudder.Most of them are liberal arts students.In addition, Chinese culture needs to be inherited and carried forward, especially the long history of Our country, but also need to be remembered by students.In fact, liberal arts students in the examination stage, there are many choices, such as normal school, law, finance, Chinese language and literature, etc., can choose.More importantly, liberal arts students in the future to register for civil servants, the advantage is very large.As we all know, civil servants recruit a large number of positions every year, most of which have professional restrictions, and most of these majors belong to the liberal arts category, not only that, in the civil service written examination, the thinking mode of liberal arts students is relatively superior, especially the essay examination, so that many science students are afraid.Liberal arts and sciences, students in the choice before, still need to combine their interest in so-called “interest is the motive power to study,” whether students choose liberal arts or science, need to be on the basis of the interest to make a choice, after all, high school three years of dull and boring, if students don’t interest, and really learn bad, also need not too forced himself.Some students naturally like the subjects of literature and history, and some students naturally have strong logical thinking ability. Physics and chemistry can get high marks easily.Every student has different talents and interests. If parents think that science is good and force students to learn science, they may find that their grades have plummeted and they cannot achieve good results in the college entrance examination. No matter how high the professional coverage rate is, it is of no use.In real life, like the one above it is not uncommon that parents and students choose liberal arts, after the parents know that are awake at night, rather than do meaningless concerns, parents might as well open wide state of mind, respect and support the student’s choice, as long as the students to study hard, get good results in the college entrance examination, are on their best returns.Do you support your child to learn English?If you are interested in this article, please feel free to share it with us.