Epidemic prevention and control in public places is not slackened during the Spring Festival holiday

2022-07-23 0 By

On February 2, the municipal Health supervision and Law Enforcement Bureau organized health supervisors to carry out special supervision and inspection of epidemic prevention and control in public places in the downtown area to ensure public health safety during the holiday season.On the same day, reporters along with health supervisors have come to The Capella supermarket (wanli store), hui and times international super giant screen city (Wanli store), the whole season hotel (gym road store), Mochi beauty and other public places supervision.Health supervisors shall supervise and guide the organization and management of epidemic prevention and control in the above-mentioned public places, the protection of employees, the inspection and management of entry-exit personnel, and the management of cleaning, disinfection and ventilation.For the problems found in the inspection, the health supervisor immediately feedback the inspection situation to the person in charge of the business site, issue supervision opinions, and order the rectification within a time limit.In the next step, the bureau will also strengthen the supervision and inspection of the Spring Festival holiday in accordance with the requirements of the city’s epidemic prevention and control emergency headquarters, to ensure that the general public have a stable and peaceful Spring Festival.(Reporter Wang Tiaweng) Source: Shangrao Evening News