Guanshanhu Changling Street: Caring takeout boy delivers winter warmth!

2022-07-23 0 By

On January 27, guanshanhu District Changling Street New Era Civilization Practice Institute organized a volunteer service activity of “Caring for food delivery boys to deliver winter warmth” before the arrival of Spring Festival, to send greetings and blessings to food delivery boys running on the front line, so that they can truly feel the care and love from the streets.Street people’s Congress working committee director, cadre worker, volunteer attend.At 10:00 a.m., the volunteers arrived at the square of CC PARK B Hall and started the preparatory work, carrying supplies and tables. All the work went on smoothly.Sympathy event, streets leading cadres and workers, volunteers, director of the committee of National People’s Congress for take-out little elder brother to issue m, sympathy materials such as oil, and their friendly exchanges, details about their work and life, thank them for districts make great contributions to the convenience of life encourages them to support the street work, render contribution for the urban civilization,At the same time, I asked the food delivery boy to pay attention to personal safety during the cycling process, and always improve safety awareness to ensure safety in the winter.”Thank the street for the care and concern of our delivery boy. In the future work, we will do our best to shine in our own post, fully support and cooperate with the street civilization and other related work, and contribute to the strength of the delivery boy for the city civilization.”Meituan take-out exhibition B site director Mr. MAO said.This activity sent a total of 60 sympathy materials such as rice and oil, and cared for more than 30 meituan takeout boys. It was the last stop of the series of activities “Welcome the Spring Festival and send warmth” of the street practice activity “I do practical things for the masses”.It is understood that, in order to vigorously promote the “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, progress” volunteer spirit, in-depth practice of socialist core values, advocating civilized new fashion, Changling Street combined with the actual area, New Year’s Day, The Spring Festival as an opportunity to carry out a wide range of “I do practical things for the masses” series of warm sympathy volunteer service activities,We visited more than 200 sanitation workers, construction workers, property staff and food delivery boys, and distributed more than 200 sympathy materials such as quilts, thermos cups, rice and oil, effectively sending the care and greetings of the streets to the hands of “the most beautiful workers”.Next, the street will continue to give full play to the role of the new era civilization practice (station), practice civilization, dedication of love, for more front-line labor groups to provide more accurate care, more warm heart service, sincerely do good for the masses, do practical things, for the construction of a harmonious new Changling into warm positive energy.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Liu Juan editor Liu Juan editor Tan Shilun Luo Chang