Pay tribute to the most beautiful orange in the snow

2022-07-23 0 By

Perhaps it is not to give up 2021, perhaps it is the blessing of 2022, recently continued snow, the whole land of Jiyuan snow.In the white snow, sanitation workers brave the cold, vigorously waving brooms and shovels in the snow, becoming the most beautiful scenery on the city road.Their orange outfits shone brightly in the swirling snow.Winter, the day is cold.They would rather suffer from the cold themselves, but also to bring convenience and cleanliness to people.In order to facilitate the safe passage of everyone in the snow, they worked selflessly.Their cheeks were red with cold, their hands stiff with cold, but they did not cry out.Ice and snow road surface, the road is wet, but they are not afraid of, as long as the convenience to everyone, they are willing to work hard.Unimpeded, because they did their job in the wind and snow.It is they who fight day and night in the snow clearing line to maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of the city and provide a strong guarantee for safe travel.Cold, when we are still immersed in sleep, they face the snow, become the most beautiful in the storm “retrograde”.In the cold winter night, they braved the snow shovel by shovel, car by car, road by road, street by street to clear the snow and ice on the road.Early in the morning, when people wake up from sleep and go out of the house, they see the snow and ice on the main road has disappeared, replaced by a orange figure, like a round of fire symbolizing warmth.There is snow in the winter scenery is very beautiful, but, there is snow in the winter, the most beautiful touch of orange!They are the city’s most beautiful beautiful scenery line, is we can not do without that wipe orange, is the most lovely sanitation workers!(Ning Dawei)