Those immersive war games

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What war games are worth your time?For this problem, everyone has his own answer, either in the second world war fought on the battlefield, or in the field through heavy block is used, as technology innovation, quality of war game and serious historical themes, brings real and exciting experience, play today with bacteria to recommend five war game,Let us experience the charm of war games.Call of Duty: When it comes to war, call of Duty is a must.Every year we see a new Call of Duty franchise launch, and call of Duty: Pioneer comes out in 2021.The game takes you back to the brutal world War II era. The scenes are big, the story is great, and while the campaign is a bit shorter than the previous one, you get to see a different front line.In terms of the game’s mode, the innovation of multiplayer mode still impresses players.After seven years of constant updates and improvements, few multiplayer war games are as complete as War Thunder.Whether it likes aerial dogfights, tank battles, or sea battles, War Thunder basically combines all the elements of the game into one.Game style of whole more hardcore, both in images and operation is quite good, especially the air war, “war thunder” air combat operation is very simple, the PC with the mouse can control the direction of the plane, this also let the fire stronger maneuverability, and naval ships and tanks is relatively easy, on the handling is very easy to get started.Enlist is a multiplayer shooter set during World War II that changed the course of world War II gaming.Play as the commander of an infantry unit in World War II, not only can give battle orders, but also can go deep into the battlefield, bloody battles.The publisher of the journal drafted into the army and the “war thunder” Gaijin, Gaijin as Russia is very famous developer, is good at to develop the theme of the game, perhaps because the plot of “battle”, “enlisted in the army” of the overall style is very angular, attention to detail, will let you see, back to the war-torn s.World of Tanks is such an important part of modern war games that the style of the game has influenced the style of many games.World of Tanks has been popular for many years, during which time there have been more than 400 types of classic tanks, including some armored vehicles and classic Tanks from world War II.Since it’s such a high profile in the war game genre, let me talk about how real this game is. There was an article on the Internet that said Belarus would use World of Tanks to help its tankers train and work on their ideology and practice system.Extracting elements from the game for military training is a great recognition of the authenticity of combat.If tanks have their own world, then ships get the same treatment.World of Warships creates a very different kind of gameplay in every aspect of the game.Sea, as the theme in warships to the world, every naval battles have unique tactical experience, reconstructed the sea wars of the 20th century, the game has joint operations and standard operations, warships are divided into two types of battleships and cruisers, players can be in the lower left corner of the game’s interface monitoring state of warships, according to the different distance can choose different types of weapons,Another game that has been well received by critics and players alike is the military tactics game Tactical Squad.This is a team fighting game in the war genre.In this game, the player will be in a real experience, the game’s weapons, vehicles and environment are realistic realistic military armed series.The game’s interface looks professional, with weapons, characters, and angles all in combat technology.Although the game is the first person perspective, but the reduction of real combat, in the process of moving to reduce a lot of bumpy process, so don’t feel dizzy, and sound system is the highlight of the whole game, you can use sound judgment vehicle and gunfire, very real oh ~ war as the combination of the shooting, team and RPG game,Players who love shooting and teamwork can not only experience the emotions of human beings in war in the story and plot, but also experience the cruelty of war and the beauty of peace in the hail of bullets.Now open world and PvP have gradually become the mainstream, and war is not as important as before, but with the in-depth depiction of game stories and the gradual progress of technology, war and military themes will also have significant changes in the future.Pay attention to me, take you to experience the joy of e-sports ~